Family and Healthy Living - Creative Writing Example

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Date:  2021-06-24

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Fashions and trends that were considered urban are now phased out. Needless to say, these changes have significantly influenced the way people live their life. Whereas change is the only constant thing in life and trying to resist it is both futile and dumb, you should be very selective on the type of changes you welcome and those to stay away from. Not all changes are beneficial, and as a fact, some are detrimental and need to be shunned. There is a notion that new brooms sweep clean and as much as this may be true, you need to consider all factors before discarding the old brooms as you might need them later. Changes and developments have been experiences in all life aspects from technology to medicine, lifestyle, and hobbies, among others. However, of all the positive changes, family and healthy living have not been on the list; this is one area that has been undermined in the contemporary world. This blog is going to expound on family and healthy living in the modern world.

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The family is the core and structural social unit in the world. As a fact, most important associations begin at the household level. While growing up, family members are the people we spend most of our time with and for that reason they contribute directly to our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. They help us define what is right from what is wrong and offer us company when we need it the most. Some define family as the place where life begins and life never ends. The family is meant to be a fortress of solace where one spends time with loved ones. After a long day work or school, one goes home to the family to have peace of mind and relax. Happy families are people that are directly involved in the affairs of other family members, and if not help, they at least give them a listening ear. They offer solutions to every problem and having one another is more than they could ask for. Such families believe in transparency and do not keep unnecessary secrets from one another. They share their problems with one another and offer a shoulder to lean on.

Healthy living involves being stress-free, and the way to lead such a life begins at the family level. However, that is not the case with modern households. Homes have been turned into courtrooms where it is one instance after another. Sadly, the only time that families get to spend time together nowadays is through events and ceremonies such as the wedding, funeral, Thanksgiving and Christmas which is not even a guarantee that all members will attend. Modern families have neglected the aspect of spending time with their loved ones and are so busy chasing dollars. There always seem to be a pressing issue to be handled that is more urgent and seemingly more important than the family. Children are being brought up in families that they never get to know or even see their parents and nannies have taken over the duties of mothers in families. There is the notion that the most important thing a parent can do for their children is to provide for them even if this means not spending time with them.

We need to revive the good old days when families would sit and share a meal at the end of each day. Days when the family was the single most important thing to anyone before cell phones and jobs took over. In doing so, we will be promoting healthy living.


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