Experimental Research: Measuring, Calculating, Interpreting - Report Sample

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Date:  2023-11-19

Experimental research is the most commonly used type of research in both physical sciences and other fields of research. The researcher, depending on the conditions of the research, uses different types of scientific research designs to manipulate the research variables by measuring, calculating, and comparing to conclude the research topic under investigation. Social science research involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information in fields that are related to people such as employment, education, and economics, among others.

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Plus (2020) describes an example of social science research that was conducted using experimental methods. The research outlines employee skill evaluation. Tests on relevant skills and knowledge are administered to all the applicants, and only those who pass the tests are qualified to be employees of the organization. Additionally, tests are carried out in the course of employment to assess productivity and at the end of each training session to determine the impact of the training on employee skills.

This research uses the pretest-posttest control group design method, which is a valid experimental research design method. In the design, the test subjects are randomly assigned to all the applicants. The qualified applicants are then trained during employment and post-tested to evaluate the effects of the training on their skills. The design is the most accurate type of experimental design as two tests are done on the same variable and free of bias as the distribution of variables is random (Plus, 2020)

Survey Tutorial

Surveys are used in research to collect data from a group of respondents that is used to answer a given set of research questions. Survey tutorials help design surveys using the most relevant survey techniques, maximize response rates, and design questionnaires that help get the genuine opinions of the sample. This tutorial outlines the qualities of a good survey question. A good survey question must observe anonymity to evoke accurate responses from the respondents, must be specific, and accommodate all possible answers by providing multiple responses. Further, the right survey questions should not order respondents to rank a series of more than five items or use unfamiliar, ambiguous, or vague words and phrases.

Right survey questions should not be dependent on responses from previous questions, should be varied, should not make unwarranted assumptions, and must observe objectivity. The transition between questions should also be smooth (Walonick, 2010). According to this site, surveys are the most accurate way of collecting data from the respondents provided the questionnaires used are designed by observing anonymity, objectivity, and clarity, among other factors. The survey tutorials on this site are generally clear, simple, and easy to understand. The type of survey method used is also dependent on the information sought by the researcher.


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Walonick, D. S. (2010). A selection from survival statistics. StatPac, Inc. https://www.statpac.com/statistics-book/

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