Experience During Adolescence Can Influence Partner Preference Essay

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Date:  2022-08-15

This topic captured my attention and interest because as human beings, the sexual preference tends to follow this path. Many factors vary across both genders which they may term as being attractive to the opposite sex. Galef (2008), states that this behavior is very much present in quails whereby the female quails prefer the male quails that they have seen mating and vice versa.

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This sexual preference is very much similar to humans for the most part. Sex in humans is both for pleasure and for procreation. The pleasure aspect is what makes the women prefer men who will know how to pleasure them until they reach climax. Therefore, a female companion would love to have sexual relations with an experienced man. On the other hand, men are very selective when it comes to choosing a woman who they will spend their lives with. They wouldn't want to have sex with a woman who they know has had many sexual relations with different men.

Besides,( Domjan &Holloway,1998) state that different species prefer their sexual partners to have certain unique features which appear bolder and stronger. This too is similar to human beings. A female will choose their partner based on physical appearance since these appearances will even reflect themselves later in the children born. As human beings, we tend to get attracted to attractive curvy women in case of men and for the women, bold, tall and masculine men.

My encounter with sexual preference

I have had the chance to experience the partner preference at some point in my life. Growing up until my teenage years, I had not developed much when it came to my physical appearance.

Back then, I didn't pay much attention to my physical appearance, unlike today. Therefore, as any person may guess, I didn't have too many friends of the opposite sex. I think at that time; I would have been regarded as being 'not that attractive.' It was very hard getting the opposite sex to notice me no matter how hard, I tried. This trend continued to the extent that I developed some form of stress. It wasn't fair to see my other friends command much attention. However, I took it positively and decided to change my looks since I knew where the problem was. I just 'wasn't attractive enough' like my friends.

One year later, I began to notice so much change. My physical appearance started commanding much attention from the opposite sex, and my circle of female friends grew exponentially. This time it wasn't that hard to get a girlfriend.

The sexual preference lied in the physical appearance. This preference can be used to explain the way we view beauty today as human beings. Nowadays people prefer physical presence to the personal appearance which is more meaningful according to me. This is natural and wholly embedded into the DNA of animals and human beings at large. In pure mathematics, a healthy male will be more preferred compared to a frail-looking boy. At the same time, a female will prefer a man who had had relationships in the past for sexual satisfaction. This is the intriguing nature of sexual preference among people.


Cusato, B., & Domjan, M. (1998). Special Efficacy of Sexual Conditioned Stimuli That Include Species Typical Cues: Tests with a Conditioned Stimuli Preexposure Design. Learning and Motivation, 29(2), 152-167. doi:10.1006/lmot.1997.0988

Galef, B. G. (2008). Social Influences on the Mate Choices of Male and Female Japanese Quail. Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews, 3. doi:10.3819/ccbr.2008.30001

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