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Date:  2023-02-26


Every human being is identified with many aspects in life. Different people come from different geographical locations and belong to different cultures. Apart from being identified with different cultures and places, every individual poses different traits (Tan, Sor hoon, 2017). Personality and behavior differed in people even if they belong to one race, culture, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. In other words, every individual is unique in different ways. However, all aspects of life affect one another? At times individuals may feel burdened by the nature of various aspects of life mentioned above, while others are proud of their heritage. In this paper, I am going to share my identity in all the aspects of life and give an account of how I feel about them with an analysis of my personality.

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Personal Identity

I am a female by gender, currently working as a military officer in the United States of America. I am a Mexican America by origin. I belong to the white race. I belonged to the catholic Christian family and was raised in the values of the Christian life. My background is a humble and lower class category but earning a living with a military job. I am a straight, sexually-oriented person and believe in being straight. I am proud to be a Mexican American, and I am a very patriotic citizen. I like our heritage and most of the positionality that I am in. However, there are some cultures and identities that I find a little challenging.

Culture and Identity

My culture believes in justice and equality. The rights of every individual are highly respected. There is no discrimination in terms of race, religion, sex, or ethnic group. We believe in freedom of expression and choices in life, provided they don't violate that of others. I am proud to be part of such culture; I enjoy my rights and experience a lot of diversification among the people around us. For instance, my father is a catholic while my mother is a Christian believer. I also have the right to choose the religion that I like. However, my native culture is so much male dominant

Contradictions and Challenges in My Culture

Customs and traditions change. The culture of our ancient people and today's people are different. During transformation and change in lifestyle, there are conflicts between the involved people (Hyland, Ken, 2015). Some embrace changes fast, and some people stick to old cultures for a very long time. Several factors influence religion and identity. Today we are living in a global world where people can move from one country to another, one location to another, which allows a mix of culture. Civilization is also another factor that has contributed to the shaping of customs, traditions, identity, and positionality.

There are several things that I find challenging regarding my culture. For instance, the native culture of my people native culture, which is still preserved up to now, women are supposed to be submissive to men. They should serve them like to wash their clothes to prepare the food every time and make sure that their cleanliness is well taken care of. Sometimes you are not allowed to confront your man. I feel this culture is a male-dominant culture and intimidates women. Women have feelings, too, and they need to be also considered. I only follow this culture whenever my grandparents are there to convince them that I am loyal to the culture of my people. But in the real sense, we usually treat ourselves equally with my man. He sometimes prepares food and does the house chores. I also have a right to inquire for something or demand clarification on a matter that I feel uncomfortable with. The present culture treats all people equal in the eyes of the law; it contradicts the ancient culture and my people. However, I try to balance the two religions so that I can please my dependence and at the same time, enjoy my rights.

Analysis of My Personality

Several factors have influenced my character to be a person who is relaxed in my moods. I don't like being temperamental and physical. I like peace, calmness, and care about other people. Whenever I am emotional, I try to hide my emotions; I do not want my feelings to hurt others or make others feel bad. As a Christian and patriotic citizen, I abide by the law of my nation. I also respect the different cultures of different people. However, some traits are contrary to my religion, but I respect their opinions and way of life provided the law accepts it.


In conclusion, I represent the individuals of great diversity in culture and positionality; my story is a reflection of how various people are identified with. I am proud to be who I am and appreciate the culture of other people. My race, nationality, religion, positionality is what I am made of. In summary, this paper is an account of my culture identity, constrains in it, and the analysis of my personality.

Work cited

Tan, Sor-hoon. Challenging citizenship: Group membership and cultural identity in a global age. Routledge, 2017.

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