Evaluation Paper on J&M Winery

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Date:  2022-07-29

Company Story/History

J&M Winery is a company that produces both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine and is located in the state of Virginia. The company was founded in the year 1999 when an US-based wine company known as Inbest Wines which was founded by Jeremy Hills merged with a French non-alcoholic wine company called Vin Lisse founded by Francois Macron. Francois Macron and Jeremy Hills were friends who lived like brothers and after extensive discussions, the two saw it was best if they combined to form one single company that deliver carefully manufactured and smooth wine that will create a strong connection between them and their customers. By combining several assets such as ranches, vineyards and stores, the company was able to produce billions of gallons of wine enabling to become one of the best wine producing companies in the world.

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Today the company has over 600 employees in its numerous branches in the United States and France. With the acquisition of numerous vineyard and the non-ending dedication of our professional work-team, the company has been able to maintain a constant growth winning many awards in the process. Broad acquisition of vineyards has enabled the company to ensure a constant supply of raw materials meaning the supply of our products is guaranteed. The company has distributors across the entire United States and France and it has a close connection with major restaurants and bars. By staying true to the company values and providing wine of undisputed quality, the company expects to continue growing in the midst of competition and unexpected changes.

Products and Services

J&M Winery produces both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. This means that the customer can be able to choose the kind of wine they prefer considering that not everybody would take alcoholic wine due to factors such as health. Through our special ingredients and proper blending, we are able to provide quality wine in different flavours that are unique only to our company. Services offered include customized branding of wine that allows the customer to brand their wine as per their preferences.

Target Market

What distinguishes J&M Winery from other wine producing companies is our uniquely smooth wine that we produce and the fact that we produce it both alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms. Producing these two kinds of wines gives us an advantage in the market since we can reach varying wine lover. In Virginia, J&M Winery is the most popular company in terms of wine since the main headquarters are located in this state. Our target consumers are mostly in restaurants and bars and that is why we have formed a partnership with various business in refreshment industry.


President and CEO of J&M Winery United States - manages overall operations and the resources that the company has.

President and CEO of J&M Winery in France - manages overall operations and the resources that the company has in France.

Vice President of J&M Winery - assists the president in the running of operation and managing resources. Can act as president if the President and CEO are absent.

Head of Finance - chief finance officer

Head of Production - oversees harvesting of raw materials and entire production process

Head of Marketing - oversees the marketing of all J&M Winery products.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Guided by a clear vision for our success, J&M Winery will remain the leader in the United States' wine industry and various markets worldwide.

Vision: Since its foundation, J&M Winery has pursued to turn the challenges it has faced into opportunities for growth. Today, that vision has defined the J&M Winery culture and the various values we possess as a company. What guides us is our values and we strive to maintain these values in our day to day operation.

At J&M Winery, we are dedicated to building a firm relationship with our employees, customers and distributors and also contributing significantly to the growth of the wine industry all over the world.

Values: teamwork, commitment, innovation, humility, and respect.

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