Evaluation Essay on Shrieve Co.: Respectful, Efficient, Innovative & Responsible

Paper Type:  Business plan
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  605 Words
Date:  2023-03-27


Shrieve Company is respectful, efficient, effective, accountable, and responsible public stewards. The company promotes openness, integrity, and honesty. Likewise, the company encourages innovation to aid in meeting challenges and foster collaboration within its working environment (Blackwell, 2011). The company is committed to conducting its operation that complies with every market conduct requirement. The company strives to do business based on the highest standard of fairness and honesty. The company seeks to engage in fair and active competition to allow the public to acquire products and services at reasonable prices. The company provides sales materials and advertise them based on honest, unbiased, and purpose of the content. The company is focused on maintaining the system of reviews and supervision designed to comply with the ethical principle of market conduct.

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Implementation Plan

The company needs to execute a memorandum of Understanding by engaging regional stakeholders to participate actively during the implementation process. The next step is for the company to obtain regional coordination and buy-in. In this stage, the company needs to develop a contract language for its vendors, publish and develop a data catalogue, implement a legal framework of data governance, identify stakeholders, and perform an annual review of the regional information mobility program (Ekanem, 2017). In the third step, the company needs to improve data collaboration and integration. The company needs to address privacy issues, data security, and data standards. The fourth step is to build a data-sharing platform by leveraging Waze data, build a data warehouse, address data integration and collection, create a data governance manual, post every information in open data format, and publish a data catalogue on the website.

The fifth step is to implement a performance measure to track failures and success. The company shall develop a plan to monitor its program activities performance. There is a need to document all the adopted standards in the data governance manual.

Organizational Change Management Strategies

Successful change in the company needs a strategic approach with a dedicated team to make the benefits are achieved and sustained. Success begins by identifying the future state vision, which complies with the strategic goal of the company. The strategy to realize this vision is tied to the company with a strong buy-in and sponsorship from key stakeholders (Blackwell, 2011). The company change management plan must include check-in to allow them to implement corrective actions and collect feedback to respond to risks and resistance that is inherent in every initiative changes. The change management strategy of the company covers training and support, vision and value definition, and change readiness and sustainment. Thus, it incorporates the balance of power of management. The change strategy entails training, measuring, managing, assessing, designing, and communication.


In conclusion, change management is a central coaching tool that is used to ensure that the employees and people are involved in supporting and believing in change. Implementing strategies helps in building the desire by the employees to promote change within the organization. There is a need for Shrieve Company to make sure it has every competitive advantage to edge over its rivals such as Barton solvent.

Thus, the company can acquire more resources by making sure they comply with government regulations. The company should be respectful, efficient, effective, accountable, and responsible public stewards. By doing so, the company will stand the highest chance to offer a broad range of oil and gas in Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East market.


Blackwell, E. (2011). How to Prepare a Business Plan: Create Your Strategy; Forecast Your Finances; Produce That Persuasive Plan. London, England: Kogan Page Publishers.

Ekanem, I. (2017). Introduction to the business plan. Writing a Business Plan, 9-10. doi:10.4324/9781315465814-3

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