Evaluation Essay on Scarlett's Clothing

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Scarlett's clothing is a clothing company that targets a particular customer base in the market specifically the millennial moms. Millennial moms can simply be defined as becoming parents. They are usually parents of one child and are parent falling between the birth age brackets of the 1980s to 2000s. The company is providing clothing for these customers with the target of both the mother and the child particularly with more emphasis on the child. The company intends to have both a physical shop for the customers and an online presence for the online shoppers who can hardly access the shop. From an observational survey conducted by the company, there is a market position for the company since the target customers are available (Okonkwo, 2016). The demographic statistics within different states shows that the population of the kids between the ages of 1-10 is higher than any other age set. This shows the market possibilities of the company's products success in the industry.

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The cost of the clothes will depend on the number of pieces a customer is buying as well as the material. In case the customer is to buy online the cost of transport is included in the value of the product where the price range will vary from $40 as the lowest.

The company prices will vary depending on the type of products although the main purpose of the company is to provide the customer with goods at an affordable price. The products will be divided into two categories; these include the custom-made designs and the predesigned products. The custom-made products are the products that the customer can personally get their products designed by the company according to the different designs they provide while the other products are the standard clothing products.

The above will be designs provided by the clients and the prices for these products will vary depending on the complexity of the cloth design as well as the number of pieces the customer needs. The lowest price for this category starts from $70

The company products will be imported from different part states and others developed locally, but the company will ensure to have a wide variety of selection for the customers. The customer service will also be in place that will be responsible for the packaging of the customer products in well design rapping bags branded with the company logo as well as the contact information of the company. This makes it easier for the customers to also market the company products to a broader market (Diamond et al., 2015). Also, there will be return policies that will be set in place in case a customer purchases a product online and realizes challenges with the product. The customer will be in a position to return the cloth for the replacement which will be valid for the first seven days of the purchase of the product

There are specific goals that the company has set in place for the next three years. For these three years, as the company grows, the main goal is to ensure that the public knows about the company and can freely connect with us and buy our product. To achieve this goal the company intends on utilizing most of its finances in marketing the company brand extensively via all means available so as to gain the needed attention. There are other goals as well such as the opening of at least two new branches of the business in two more states so as to increase the market space for the company.

So far there is a laid out short-term sales planned. The company intends to sell at least ten pieces in a day for the first week of the opening then the pieces are to increase on a daily basis as the company markets its brand product more. This gives the company at least a starting lowest sales limit of $100 to $200. It is the responsibility of the manager ensures that the company sales do not go down but insist on growing hence the sales department has to ensure this is achieved (Diamond et al., 2015). The use of the social media is one of the leading marketing platforms the company intends to use for marketing due to the high population over the social media, and the target audience is primarily available and accessible over the platform.


The company has expansion plans after the brand has started generating a certain amount of revenue and is capable of expanding in relation to increase in the variety of products the company offers. This is to increase the market targeted by the company. The product likely to be considered are ladies clothing aged11 to 18 as well as accessories for the ladies. The company targets the ladies more since they are the active gender within the market (Bhalerao & Kamble, 2015). Also, access to the lady product becomes easier for the company since it basically operates under the same field.


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