Microsoft: Leading in Technology & Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


Microsoft is a corporation established by Bill Gates. The company leads in software systems and applications development. Additionally, the company deals with the production of computers, email services, computer peripherals, portable media players as well as electronic game systems. Being a global company engages in corporate social responsibility activities that are aligned with the company mission.

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Through the application of technology, the Microsoft policy is achieved as the company can strengthen communities, make the environment clean, and empower people, (Microsoft Corporation, 2019). This global company has received several awards for socially responsible behavior. In 2018, it emerged number one in Corporate Social Responsibility. In the same year, the company won in the Environmental and Social Score where the performance of companies is evaluated using more than 200 factors.

The company focuses mostly on philanthropical Corporate Social Responsibility in which through their activities, they impact the employees, society, consumers, environment, and other company stakeholders. The company has played a great, for example, in safeguarding the environment by ensuring that one hundred carbon neutrality is achieved (Dudovskiy, 2019). One of the environmental policies of the company is to support an approach that will help in solving environmental challenges. The second principle is to undertake initiatives that help in promoting environmentally socially behavior and utilizing environmental technologies. Forty percent of the power consumed by the Company is generated from solar, wind, and hydropower electricity. The energy consumption is also reduced since the cooling techniques reduce energy consumption by approximately 30 percent. The cooling techniques have resulted in lower consumption of water.

Microsoft has impacted society through education programs and empowering workers (Janssen, & Bhattacharya, 2015). In 2018, the company supported 16,000 students through the TEALS program, which trains high school students. The students received education in computer science. The skills acquired in this course are useful as they enable younger people to compete globally in all sectors. Microsoft impacted the life of high schools' students who have a passion for computer science, but the schools do not offer the course. Additionally, the company promotes the employees' health and safety through the CARES program where both the employees as well as their family members receive counseling as well as stress management. Microsoft also ensures that the employees work comfortably by purchasing comfortable equipment and furniture.

The company's mission is empowering people worldwide to achieve more (Microsoft Corporation, n.d.). This mission shows that the company is public-oriented and has the interests of the people at heart. The mission aligns with the Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The company, for example, satisfies the needs of the communities by giving students a chance to learn computer science. Also, the company fulfills its responsibility to the public by ensuring that there is zero carbon emission in all the data centers.


In conclusion, Microsoft is a company with a reputable Corporate Social responsibility majorly focusing on the philanthropic pillar. Since 2012 the company has ensured that they maintain one hundred percent carbon neutrality by using clean energy. The company also trains the high schools' students through the TEALS program. Employees and family members are also taken care of. The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of the company is aligned with the Company's mission. Apart from making the profits, the company is concerned about the welfare of the community hence the reason why they engage in nonprofit activities.


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