Evaluation Essay on Dunkin Donuts Company

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The Dunkin Donuts is a worldwide retailer who deals with any type of fast breakfast such as coffee, tea, donuts or any other beverages. The company is situated in the united states with outlet all over the country. The company headquarters is in New York. Dunkin Donuts is a franchised organization with over 1000 outlets in the united states. The company cover over 20,000 outlets in all the forty-six country that the company owns.

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The Core Service and Products

The company "Dunkin Donuts has been well known for so many years to offer delicious, blended very high-quality coffee and also doughnuts. According to the company CEO the Dunkin Donuts (2016), the organization has been offering blended coffee for over a period of 50 years when the company was formed. The organization has been serving over 52 different variety of doughnuts with various combination of drinks to over five million customers that the company has been serving of daily bases. The company is not only known to sell coffee and doughnuts but also majors on other fast foods such as muffins, sandwiches and any other type of beverage that is common to people.

A Brief History of the Company

In the year 1960, the company was opened by the owner John Rosenburg as the first Dunkin Donut outlet in New York. The company was opened with the main goal of making and delivering high-quality delicious coffee and doughnut in the fastest and most convenient time and with the best quality we modern and merchandised store. The company also tries to bring a warm and lovely connection between the service and the million customers leaving the undoubting on the service of the company. The Dunkin Donuts is one of the leading organizations in the market for there customer loyalty and the coffee the company offers. According to the company brands in 2016, the Dunkin Donuts was considered the best company in offering high-quality hot coffee, donuts, bagels, and muffins.

The Company Key Current Competitors

There is a lot of competition when it comes to business, therefore, Dunkin Donuts is not excluded since it a business like any other. The Dunkin donuts face competition in the job market form both local and regional competitors. The Krispy Kreme is one of the main competitors of the organization and also Starbucks coffee competes favorably with the Dunkin Donuts for a specific category of coffee. There are other outlets such as KFC and Mc. Donald's which offer cheaper coffee at a very cheap price of $1 less than we offer hence making the market competition very unfavorable for us. There is also competition from the organization like Taco bells which offers all type of coffee at any time menu for their breakfast hence making the more reliable to anytime customers. Ocean coffee cafe who according to their CEO they announced reducing their coffee to meet any customers pocket offer price competition to The Dunkin Donuts.

The SWOT Analysis


Global Brand

The Dunkin Donuts has been well known for all their efficient service and also delectable drinks and hence this has shown the real strength in the company brands. This has made Dunkin donuts brands compete favorably in the global and local market considering the fact that it has more than 20,000 restaurants in the forty-six county that they serve. The strength for the Dunkin Donuts is, we offer excellent and very detailed customer service with a different variety of donuts, drinks, and snacks for the people of America and all the other states that we operate.


The Dunkin Donuts has been offering a variety of products which range from products such as doughnuts, biscuits croissants, muffins, and bagels but the company is however limited to a number of beverages example iced coffee, hot coffee, cold brew coffee, regular coffee, and flavored coffee. They also offer tea, collates flavors frozen hot chocolate, hot chocolate, and iced tea. All the Dunkin donuts products are readily and easily available in the global market thus becoming more and more favorable to consumers because they can also easily available to consumers.

The Environment

The Dunkin donuts environment is very conducive and hence very welcoming to the customer, our staffs are willing to serve their customers at the best of their ability. They are well equipped with the knowledge to understand the customer's interest. The Dunkin Donuts staff ensure that they offer a friendly and warm environment to the customers that they serve. Through this staff quality, the company maintains its loyal customer hence increasing the organization revenue and sales.

The Weakness of Dunkin Donuts


Considering the fact that Dunkin Donuts is a business which has many competitors in line ready to win our customer favor hence competition becomes one of the Dunkin donuts weakness. The Dunkin donuts face serious competition from other organization which offers a better price than we do. An example is the MC. Donald's which offer their products at a product $1 lower than we do hence high chance that the customer is more likely to choose them rather than us. Another instance of competition is due to the fact some restaurant is considering the health status and age hence making their products favorable and hence best fitted to serve any family, young children and hence those that have any health complication. This is one of the major competition issues that is affecting the Dunkin Donuts.


Franchise property owners have the greatest challenge of making sure that the organization is in order. And all the company standards are being met by the staffs hence them appropriately because all organization has to make sure that the standards are well met which make the Dunkin donuts different from any other organization and companies.

Opportunity of Dunkin Donuts

Growth Opportunity

The Dunkin Donuts has a high chance of improving the franchise rate in all the other countries that they serve. This will ensure fast growth to the organization that is in existence and those that are about to be developed. This growth gives the organization a great room to develop better.

Introducing of More and Newer Caloric Low Options

Healthy leaving has always been people's priority and hence Dunkin donuts opt to introduce the product with low caloric options so that they can attract more reliable customers. this is because the products create a customer base within the organization since the customer demands are meet, they satisfy every customer interest.

Threats of Dunkin Donuts

Global Change in Eating Habits

It's a great threat that for the company to develop globally because people have different eating habit depending on their locality and the company has to consider all the different habits and adapt to them to try and avoid large losses on some products. This can be very challenging sometimes.

Price Increase of Cooking Materials

The increase in the cooking materials is directly proportional to the price at which Dunkin donuts will sell as a way of trying to maintain profit for the company. This is a major threat as there is a high chance that the Dunkin donuts might lose its customers who might find hard to afford the company's products hence reducing the overall daily sales and this can bring great losses to the company.

Marketing Plan Focus

Based on swot analysis, Dunkin Donuts has created an opportunity for an increased marketing foundation on charity. In this process, the company is able to create awareness to the customers so that they have a background foundation that can be helpful when it comes to helping children within the community. To come up with the opportunity for the company, Dunkin Donuts can evaluate their decision based on the usage of one of its available products to be able to advertise itself globally. The company is in a position to use the product known as Dunkin Munchkin which goes in hand with a variety of flavors to ensure the customer have plenty product, hence they can have a great idea on the product the company is offering. For instance, if you want to use this product in places like Korea, with no doubt, Munchkin plains care would have to go together with citrus glaze for it to reach out to the customer's taste and preferences. In this process, Dunkin Donuts, as well as Baskin Robin, will garner 30% of the total sales which goes to the foundation that is community-based. The promotion set up would be looked to run throughout the summer occasion and campaign that will last from June to August.

Segment Approach

On the segment approach, the use of an approach based on a demographic way will be essential in catering for young as well as the middle age. Perhaps, this is where the people who are excited in using Munchkins and glaze are concentrated. Since there are different variety provided, they can be able to select the amalgamation they sense they are attracted to. certainly, the demographic approach might never be suitable for the old folks because they are already used to their usual life choice and probably cannot be able to change to accommodate anything new, they tend to stick to their common forms of choices. Moreover, behavioral segmentation will play an important role in the implementation of the product. This particular approach favors people who are ready to take on risk and enjoy the changes that are available in their venture to try out something new.

Target Definition

This enables the company to be aware of the customer's taste and preference around the globe even without the corporate leaving the county they are based on. This type of promotion can be able to be run using a different product, for instance, the use of sandwiches for breakfast purpose.

Market Mix: Price

Volume maximization is an important pricing strategy to Dunkin Donuts since it purposes to ensure the company is able to optimally sell their product as much as possible within a designated period of time. In my opinion, this is a great chance for the corporate to sell the highest volume of the product through the main goal of the campaign is to collect as much money as possible for charity work.

The strategy needs to focus on the selling glaze at a fixed price strategy. More customers would be probably be attracted since most of the coffee shops do not offer drinking Sause, thus high probability of increased sales. The price will be fixed at $6.50 for every 20 counts, though other groceries offer the same service at $ 5, their product is not fresh. Furthermore, these groceries do not offer customers the combination of their choices making our services at better odds. Sauce price varies from $ 0.25 per sauce in McDonald's and $ 0.50 per sauce in Pizza Hut per Sause, this statistic is derived from Fast Food menu Prices 2017. Through this data and information, the company is able to come up with the most appropriate price of the sauce that is neutral and still stay inexpensive in the business market.

Marketing Mix: Promotion

The elevation will be taking place, particularly in the United States within the month of June and August. Since it is the summer holiday, most of the children visit and travel to place since school are close and release children for a holiday. This period of time creates the best opportunity for selling product in substantially large volumes. People are likely to stop at a fast food restaurant since they find it easy for their meal and consume when they are traveling. As I was conducting my research, I was able to find out that Dunkin Donuts is considered to have the most exciting flavors around the globe. Furthermore, was able to know that Dunkin Brand have an established foundation which people know and value their product. Therefore, the promotion proved to be attractive and appealing to both the recent and old customers who are...

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