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Date:  2022-12-19


Apple Company uses the values of Total Quality Management for the achievement of its corporate and social goals. Apple utilizes TQM values because its primary focus is to maximize the profits of its stakeholders and giving back to the community just like TQM whose focus is to maximize profits. TQM is very beneficial to Apple Company because it helps the leaders understand their employees' requirements and fulfill them in the best methods (Sinha, Garg & Dhall, 2016). This enables the employees to feel accepted as an integral part of the company, their services acknowledged, and they start giving back to the company. Apple Company learns from TQM that every employee should be treated with respect and dignity. TQM encourages people from different ethnical diversity to work together for the success of the company.

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Apple applies total quality management to have a resilient and influential leader who lead by example and a leader who believes in the objectives of the company more than anything else. Leaders should consider in their vision for the growth of their company. Apple leaders like Steve Jobs had a passion for his job and developed a legacy of the active workforce that did not struggle with the company's operations after Steve died. The principles of total quality management inspire proper training of employees in a company. Apple practiced a lot of training and provided the employees with development resources. Apple does not allow violation of employee's rights and offers any help that may be needed.

Apple Inc. aims to apply Total Quality Management to ensure that every employee experience motivation and satisfaction (Wang, Chen & Chen, 2012). The communication between employees and public places are a good origin of motivation in the individuals in the company. The senior managers must commit themselves to implement Total Quality Management without being an obstacle to the original work of the employees. The top managers of Apple believe that communication is vital in the development of TQM system.

Considering that Apple has a strong brand image, with excellent status in developing user friendly and unique products makes customers brand loyal. Hence, although a product might not have the desired features with high prices like the iPhone 8, high customer affinity for the brand will probably overshadow any concerns. Apple implements its TQM with a considerable commitment and receives a strong backup from the management to focus on maintaining excellent customer service. Apple primarily established its customer relationship from its four fundamental values initiated from its conception that include honesty, respect, confidentiality, and compliance. is known to treat its customers, employees with a high ethical standard with utmost respect and professionalism. Apple ensures that they comply with the regulations and applicable laws where they operate.

Moreover, the adaptive design worked well for Apple Inc that demands flexibility and rapid adoption of changing competitive environments. The company actively encourages teamwork and a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Apple uses TQM values to develop a transparent norm of trust and improvement. Apple has reduced wastage in the supply chain and has achieved effectiveness and responsiveness balance by focusing on TQM values. The core mission of Apple is to ensure that the consumers are satisfied with the quality of products produced by Apple.

Areas of Improvement

Apple's brand is the primary source of the company's competitive advantage regardless of the uniqueness of the product. Apple is criticized for having an anti-competitive behavior. Apple has developed a strong market internationally; however, they put a lot of effort to protect other competitive companies from challenging them in the market using various strategies. For instance, iTunes only played songs produced by Apple, and a consumer could not include songs from another online vendor to the iTunes account on Apple. Also, Apple does not allow different legitimate applications on its iOS store. For instance, Apple banned the Adobe Flash (a comprehensive document that reads application) from iOS. Apple prohibited Adobe Flash because the computer that wrote the application was not in Apple's language. The average performance of Apple is based solely on the iPhone that accounts for the majority of the company's total sales. The decline in iPhone sale can result in negative consequences on Apple competitiveness.

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