Evaluating Market Research Tools Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-08


The markets for the expansion of the companies in different industries can be assessed by the use of different sources of information. Such sources of information of different markets in various industries can select and preferred owing to their suitability and thoroughness in providing the required information regarding various markets before the companies at hand launch into the business establishments in the said regions. The market information for different market may concern the type of the product required from the company amongst the pool of the commodities being offered, the population size of the consumers and their buying patterns, the cultures of the people in different countries into which the business expansions are to be made, the pricing information, the stability of the market, the infrastructural suitability in the new market area, the logistical considerations, the political influence on the business activities, as well as the consumer needs, brand awareness, and the available economies of scale in such areas. The effectiveness in which the mentioned source of information can provide extensively useful information on the markets guarantees for its choice a tool for a finding of such market information; from a wide range of sites from which the information can be found.

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For the company at hand, the Deutsche Post DHL Group company dealing in the mail services in Germany as well as the international courier services, the information for its expansion to other favorable countries deemed most appropriate for providing the market for its services is to be accessed by the use of two sites; the Globaltrade.net site and the US-based export.gov/market intelligence site. They will then be compared in regards to their efficiency in providing the required market information, and the better site is chosen in the end.

The industry in which the Deutsche Post DHL Group company lies under is the transportation and storage industry. It is the leading mails and logistics company in the world. It mainly deals in the transportation of letters, parcels, mails, and express freight. Its brand of the Deutsche Post is the leading postal services provider in Europe. The company is positioned in a unique world's growth markets. It has a comprehensive wide range of international express, e-commerce with supply chain management services, and freight transportation. It has over half a million employees working for it in the worldwide transportation and logistics business. It also operates 220 countries around the world. The transportation industry in which it is operating is gaining momentum in the world and is quite profitable to deal in the long run. The transportation industry in which it operates helps in connecting world markets and people, hence enabling global trade. It also contributes to the world using environmental activities, business practices, and corporate citizenship.

International Market Research by Industry

From the market research efforts on the Global Trade site, the country recommended regarding providing the market potential for the industry in Switzerland. It is a country located in Europe, and a lot of factors come into play which makes it the most suitable international market destination for the industrial operations of the company at hand. The country also has market characteristics which bode well with the culture of the Deutsche Post DHL Group company. It is found that the economy of Switzerland is growing at a faster pace because it has quite effective and robust infrastructural landscape. There are modern roads, railway transports, and well-equipped modes of air transport, which facilitate the efficiency of the ferrying activities should the Deutsche Post DHL Group company invest in it. Thus it can be seen that the source was quite clear and accurate in disclosing the information about the infrastructural development of Switzerland, the new market destination for the company. Further, there was the provision of the latest business information regarding the upgrading of other infrastructural facilities such as banks from which the businesses could get loans for their operations as well as keep their financial resources quite safely. Such information was available on the site in the latest version since they were being updated by the concerned personnel as they turned up, hence being useful to the stakeholders who utilized them as sources of market information which came in handy especially when there was an expansion of businesses.

However, the site had some limited information, and one could not get to understand the cultural orientation of the consumers of the commodities being offered by the company. In this regard, there was no provision for the exhaustion on the issues touching on the nature and habits of the Swiss people when it comes to transporting their parcels and products dealt in by the Deutsche Post DHL Gr group company. The consumption patterns of its services, as well as the seasonal changes affecting such consumption behaviors, were also not disclosed. The holistic information is covering the utilization of the services of Deutsche Post DHL Group company was not well covered. The expansion of the company at hand to such an international market was thus not well exhausted.

On the other hand, however, there was the disclosure of the market information regarding the storage facilities available for any venturing business in the region. Such information is suitable for any business establishment that is dealing in the cargo and freight transportation and storages like the Deutsche Post DHL Group company. Mentioned were the different types of warehouses for different commodities which could facilitate a business establishment like Deutsche Post DHL Group company to infer the best type of storage facilities found in specific places in the country, analyze them and finally make decision on the best possible way to carry out its activities in the run to invest in Switzerland. Also, the political stability of Switzerland is quite conducive for operating in, coupled with the hospitality nature of the Swiss people who were also aware of the brand of services offered by the Deutsche Post DHL Group company. Thus, investing in Switzerland for the company at hand can be favorably affected by the available information on the nature of the people and their knowledge of the brands offered.

Market Research Information

There is quite a substantial market research information in the U.S. Commercial Services site. One of them is the information regarding the export information per industry. Here, different industries were outlined, and their various market information was provided to them. Different industries had their market information outlined under the name of the industry, making it possible access the industrial data relating to various companies before their national or international decisions to be launched for operations could be undertaken. There was also the exhaustion on how to export for the case of multinational businesses aiming to expand their reach to other countries deemed to be having markets for their products. The information went as far as expounding on the logistics, the legal considerations, the nature of foreign markets, the education on export matters as well as enlightening on e-commerce discipline. It is thus a handy tool for the evaluation of the different markets before arriving at a suitable decision on the investment tendencies.

For the case scenario at hand, the Deutsche Post DHL Group company should be located in Puerto Rico. It is because substantial information on the market to be served by the company are well displayed on the site. First, there is the statement of the infrastructural well-being of Puerto Rico. The sites indicate that Puerto Rico is experiencing a rapid reconstruction of the infrastructural facilities such as roads, rails, banking institutions, storage facilities as well as logistical considerations with the help of international communities. It turns out that following the earthquake which had damaged the country's infrastructure, there followed massive investments to renovate them. Most of the companies which used to provide logistical services such as transportation had died down following the deadly earthquakes. Further, the site points out the fact that the next earthquakes as forecasted by the scientists might not happen any time soon, thus the suitability of the Deutsche Post DHL Group company to establish its operations in the area.

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