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A therapist is a health professional who is licensed mentally and aims at helping clients to improve their lives. To successfully emerge a better therapist, one needs to understand both the definition of the therapist as well as learn more about the same. Following the skills of how the therapist interacts with consumers, the paper illustrates some of the essential factors to consider if an individual wants to become an excellent mental therapist. It also provides reactions to the type of common stressors that threaten the lives of college students.

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What might you want to consider if you're going to become a mental health professional or client in therapy?

For an individual to become a mental health professional or rather a therapist, he/she should consider the following factors. Firstly, one should consider both therapy theories and practices. Therapy theories and practices offer additional and specialized training regarding therapy to an individual. However, as a therapist, it is necessary to choose the appropriate approaches and therapy practices to incorporate and apply to acquire enough training on how to use them appropriately. It usually is advisable that a therapist should utilize two or more types of therapy when handling the consumer.

Secondly, a therapist should consider the entire treatment population. Examples of treatment population include the children, couples, ethnic minorities among many others. For instance, one may choose to work with either a limited or specific group of individuals depending on his/her preference.

Another thing one should consider is the factor concerning the issues that are treated in therapy. Understanding some of the matters that can be addressed in treatment enables a therapist to handle every type of population.

More so, one should consider the therapy setting. For example, one may choose to work as either a school counselor or even a counselor for any other organization. However, how one desires to work with a given population will guide an individual towards choosing the correct setting.

What are your reactions to the types of stressors on the list and the percentage of students that endorse a kind of stressor? Are there any other stressors you would add to the list?

From the given list and the percentage of affected students by different stressors, I suppose stressors are much overwhelming among the college students. Therefore, I propose that the practitioners should come up with appropriate methods of fighting and minimize stress among the students. If not timely treated, the results may lead to severe suicidal behaviors among the students as well as severe withdrawal from their courses. Additionally, the results from the given lists predict that in future stressors are likely to have a significant influence on the physio-psycho-social health of learners (Bager-Charleson, 2018).

From the data, knowledge on student's stress levels needs to be highly attained across all the college institutions (Whittington & Grey, 2014).The instruction will serve an essential input towards planning for better approaches to eradicating stress among the students. Most importantly, as seen in the lists, traumatic experiences are associated with high levels of anxiety among the students. They are a big blow to the parents and the country in general.

Furthermore, I think the government should add extra resources to all campuses to help cope with stressful situations among the students. For instance, all schools should have a student health center that is well equipped to offer free and anonymous therapy to students. Most importantly, I propose that all school health centers should have fitness experts who are trained to handle each student depending on age, sex, and race.

Other additional common stressors among the students include the following:

  • Heavy workload that is either advanced level classes or the required study amount.
  • Lack of proper organizational skills among the students.
  • Poor sleep schedules among the students
  • The aspect of the transition from one environment to another leading to new routines can make students appear moire stressed.
  • Lack of support from teachers, friends, and parents.
  • Both upcoming examinations and too much assignment.


In conclusion, stressors among the students are becoming a topic of every day to many researchers for many years. It is true that students encounter various stressors in the course of their academic life. The most experienced ones are related to life events of learners. Therefore, teachers and parents incorporation with the education officials should make an extra effort towards minimizing stress among the students. However, they should, first of all, identify the conventional sources of stressors before making any other intervention.


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Whittington, A., & Grey, N. (Eds.). (2014). How to become a more effective CBT therapist: Mastering metacompetence in clinical practice. John Wiley & Sons.

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