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Workplaces that adhere to the requirements of the safety implementation authorities like the 'U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)' must have a workplace Safety plan. The culture of this type of workplaces focuses on providing the best working environment for the employees. Like any other workplace, the safety of Hospital employees and clients contributes to its long-term benefits.

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An adequately designed workplace plan helps to improve workers safety, reduces the risks that come with the work and respects the dignity of the hospital clients by assuring them a safe environment "Through the Eyes of the Workforce", (n.d.). The benefits results from saved costs that would result from loss of productivity for injured employees, non-continuity of the business workforce, and higher insurance premium for the treatment of the injured employees. Formulating a viable workplace safety implementing injury and illness prevention plan helps to protect organizations profits. Implementation of workplace safety should take systematic approaches, described as the workplace safety plan. Below is the conventional approach to the design and implementation of workplace safety plan program of a hospital.

Getting Started

Before the meeting of the program design and implementation team, an adequate workplace safety plan should suggest the application of a continuous improvement philosophy to help guarantee the success of the initiative "Through the Eyes of the Workforce", (n.d.). The manager should initiate the following:

Create a charter for the team. The cheater will be deemed adequately done if both hospital managers and junior staff engage in the process. Among others, the permit should outline the following.

The current injury rate and the reasons leading to the goal for injury reduction, with an average of 20% reduction

The best approach to achieve the reduction.

Definition of the Members of the Implementation Team

The team should consist of department managers, Health and Safety representatives, supervisors and a couple the hospital employees, an implementor proficient in improvement methodologies, a sponsor who will remove the barriers to the progress of the plan.

Risk Identification and Assessment

The implementation team will look at the history of accidents related to the workplace. Such records give information helpful in preventing the recurrence of an accident. This phase will serve the following roles:

Provides for the observation of the basic principles that will aid the continuous improvement of the program. This phase will use the tools and procedures prevalent in the industry including simple observational skills. The process will revel cases like traffic and obstructions in the facilities corridors resulting in tripping hazard.

Identification of hazards, assessment of the risk from the dangers, and control measures. Proper classification of the risks for the necessary remedy. Physical hazards will include like poorly maintained equipment, wets floors. The plan will also classify chemical hazards including disinfecting and sterilizing agents should have the corresponding safety data sheet. The hospital management will also facilitate the risk assessment activity to assess the possibility of an employee contacting extreme conditions like the viral and bacterial infections from the biological factors.

Analyzing job safety serves as another tool for the plan. The step facilitates a calculated analysis of the situation by identification of hazards in the hospital and suggesting a way to eliminate them. An organization with a history of good management usually has such data in the records (Thomas & Galla, 2013). The record on past incidences of injuries will enables the hospital management to even possible predict injuries before they employees experience them during the treatment process.

Before executing the implementation of the hazard control process, the plan will provide for determining the likelihood and extent of occurrence of a specific hazard. The issue at the hospital is Safety for the workers and other people within the hospital environment. In all professions, the safety of the workers at the place of work is the paramount criteria. Statistics at the hospital indicate recurrent risk factors that hit the workers. The elements range from exposure to chemicals from the pharmacy department which only has partial protection. Also, the radiating from the operations theater harms the specialists.

The effects of the risk's factors are a growing number of health workers in the hospital being diagnosing with malignant tissues. The hospital records indicate that three cases have so far diagnosed with the conditions. Experience and reference to literature attributes the cases result from the radiations emanating Identify the problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)

The team purpose to fully understand the issues. The work on the analysis stage of the project to reduce staff injury should begin by surveying the hospital employees regarding how they acquire frequent injuries at the workplace.

The team should recognize conditions facilities the occurrence of the injuries like, poorly disposed of after use apparatus, wet slippery floors that lead to slipping and falling of the workers. However, the plan should underscore the role of the behavior of the employees and the hospital management. Understanding the practice in the hospital discloses why the employee and management fail to secure the hospital environment before allowing treatment activities in an unsafe situation. The team will enhance its understanding through observations. Staff meetings will help to update all the stakeholders with the progress of the implementation process.

Clarifying the Measurable Goals

The success of the program implementation will depend on setting effective goals and objectives "Through the Eyes of the Workforce", (n.d.).

The objective is to create a working environment that guarantees safety to hospital workers, patients, and other visitors.

The implementation tasks force will establish the details on the reasons for the lack of precautionary measures by the relevant department.

The team will determine the approximate costs for the corrective measures. The team should also specify the possible duration required for implementing the same.

Lead from the Top

A Safety-Sensitive Hospital Leadership will adopt the role of establishing the best workplace safety that reduces the risks and injuries to its workers. As a leader in hospital management, one is responsible for ensuring a safe working environment. One should set examples, emphasize employees' safety as the organization's priority, educate every employee about individual-level personal safety care and commitment to eliminate common errors that occur during in the process of implementing safety measure.

The leader will also initiate a proactive reduction in the errors, and redesigning of relevant organization processes, functions, and equipment to ensure workplace safety and services.

The commitment of the management to the program will push the junior staff to the purpose of the success of the program.

The management should clearly define the hospital's safety goals and communicate the same to the employees.

Training and Educating

The knowledge of employers in what to involve and the potential hazards allows the hospital to prepare its safety statement and risk assessments. For effective implementation of the plan, the supervisors of the project should consult the hospital management and safety representatives.

The hospital will hold training when it introduces new equipment and processes.

Compulsory training should occur when a new member joins the employees' team.

The hospital will also include safety workplace policies in the employee's handbooks. Training of the employs orients to always observe precautionary measure that would avoid unnecessary injuries (Thomas & Galla, 2013).

Proposing a List of Possible Actions that will Promote the Program

Leadership Governance

Examine the mission statement of the hospital to determine if it supports the safety and welfare of the workers and clients. Any weakness in the report will call for massive lobbying of the stakeholders to make them understand the importance of the safe environment for the workers. The step is in the acknowledgment of White and Griffith (2010) indication that an organization can only succeed if all of its stakeholders share its vision and missions. Also, a survey conducted by the Massachusetts physicians regarding the safety of workers in hospitals, 85 percent admits that stakeholders are acknowledging and the Mission Statement and working towards its purpose servers as the primary consideration when choosing the work workplace.

The root cause of the mess is the lack of involvement of the respective safety management team prior. The team ought to have asked the supervisory staff to report any sign of anomalies in the functioning of the surgery machines. The implementation team should develop a time-frame within which the implication of the necessary changes will occur.

Provide essential training for the employees and safety reinforcers in the hospital. The training will aim to equip the employee's self-care skills at a personal level.

Execute assessment of the supervisor safety technical teams to determine their effectiveness in overseeing the safety departments, and assess the subordinate staff in the operations and pharmacy section to decide on their hands-on competency in matters safety of hospital machines (White & Griffith, 2010, p. 41). The team should also have engaged the managers, the departmental safety management group, and inform them about the anomalism of fumes emission from the pharmacy chambers.

Arrange for the provision of fume masks for the personnel that enters the pharmacy department.

Statistics in the records of the hospital indicate that based on the general hospital safety precaution, the one out of ten specialists in the hospital would choose to extend their stay in the hospital beyond the end of their contract.

Another element that safeguards the profits of the hospital and motivates the workers id the provision of the safety gears for the physicians while on duty. Recent outcry of the lack of replacement of the gears including a gas mask, and inadequate disposal method for the user apparatus including syringes, needles, and cover increases the risk factors.

Safety Performance

Establish the measure of the hospital's safety provision measures regarding the current status. The plan will enable the team to consult every employee to establish their opinions about the safety standards in the hospitals if there exists a problem and what would they suggest as the solutions. The team will design questionnaires and distribute to the employees to evaluate how they perceive the kind of safety standards in existence. Factors to be noted include if the safety steps taken are active, worker-centered, equitable, timely and efficient to the employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

The team should also purpose to remain updated with the standards of the hospital's safety requirements. Update with such information and working towards achieving the rules will enable the hospital to stay attractive to health practitioners who would choose to work in the hospital.

Knowledge Management

Effective knowledge management will occur when the implementation team perform extensive training of both employees and management staff to equip them with requisite precautionary measures (Thomas & Galla, 2013).

Safety Implementation Resources....

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