Famous Teen Counseling: The Teen Star Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-26

Teens are exposed to multiple problems that distract their attention from core commitments meant to change their lives either economically, socially or even psychologically. Counseling is integrally an important process in the life of a human being especially in teenage more so in circumstances when they are undergoing ups and downs that cannot be self-rectified. Counseling theories have been designed over the years by various experts to help therapists and counselors respond well to the problems of their clients. The decision to use a given theory to meet the requirements of a client requires a general understanding of the client's problem by the therapist to give a blueprint on the best way to go (Corey, 2017). This paper points out various problems in the life of a famous pop musician, Justin Berber, directs on the solutions to the problems and identifies the appropriate counseling theories (approaches) therapists and counselors can adopt to guide the Teen Star as per identified problems. Substantial conclusions are drawn based on the relevance and effectiveness of the theories for the highlighted problems from Beiber's case.

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Taking a brief view through the pop Star's current life is deemed necessary for this paper to hold weight. To begin with, it is important to note that Justin Beiber, a 24-year-old pop singer, has his life filled with enough to be grateful for. A recent report confirms that Beiber is grateful for his amazingly blessed life, especially for Hailey Baldwin, 21, his secretly wedded wife. However, Beiber does not feel happy despite his almost complete life. He has a feeling that something is missing in his life. For one, Justin feels empty. He has an inner feeling that he is missing an exceedingly important thing, happiness that cannot be bought. Justin is confused.

The Teen Star has decided to dial back his career commitments. He is driven by the desire to spend most of his time with his wife, Baldwin. He feels to have lost the taste of his pop singing for now. He has currently suspended his quest to record any new album. He feels deep in love and needs to be beside Hailey always. On the contrary, Hailey is more ready to work and has projects to work on. Unlike Beiber, who likes hanging out and watching movies, Hailey is highly energetic. This has resulted in a few conflicts between them though at some point, Justin's argument to resist work seems guanine and clear. He argued to have been on the go for a long time and needed a break. He wants to enjoy life with his wife. Hailey seems comfortable with this and admits to her husband's decision. She real well understands how hard Justin has worked for a long time and his need to rest has a meaning to her. In a recent photograph, Baldwin looks weary.

It is in no doubt that the family of Justin Beiber requires the services of a counselor or a therapist. Concerning the problems highlighted in the modern lifestyle of the Teen Star, various guidelines to either reduce the effects or offer a final remedy to the underlying problems are instrumental. Delivering a solution to a problem like Justin's is not a simple event as one may think but rather a series of events with theoretical analysis, psychological exploration and cognitive embracement.

Firstly, Justine requires keen listening attention to address his problem. Be it a therapist, a counselor or whoever may be charged with the duty to harmonies the Teen Star's late-life experiences, he or she stands a chance to listen to him and advice on the next course of action. Justin needs a clear explanation significant enough to convince him to change his state of life and move on with his singing career as well. Seeing an experienced counselor or therapist would be an appropriate step genuine enough to relieve him from his problems.

Secondly, the Teen Star's requires a platform that makes him understand better the role he plays along in his career. This should unfold to him much his fans expect from him as well as his family. Understanding his self is meant to offer a glimpse of the best option he needs to adopt and weigh the considerable magnitude of one over the other. Family means a lot in one's life, but it should not be a reason to bar him from his work commitments. Beiber needs to share his experiences with his close friends and endeared family members to make him stable enough to cope with the situation or change his mind set. This would be a pivotal step to his problems' solution focus.

Thirdly, bringing to light effects of Justin's feelings on his wife Hailey Baldwin can communicate a strong message to the Teen Star. As it stands, Beiber is genuinely in love but not aware of the psychological repercussions he drives his wife into. Lately, a photograph confirms Baldwin looks weary. She must have been psychologically unsettled. A few conflicts emanating from their misconceptions are enough evidence that both do not share the same ideologies. Beiber needs a direction on this. Though his intention is not to hurt but love, he indirectly hurts Baldwin. In as much as he admits Hailey can attend to her schedules, he needs to be by her always an indication that he requires her attention as well. This cannot work well for Baldwin. The Teen Star needs a clue to understanding the real feeling of his wife. Any attempt to unmask this to him will be a concrete solution to a fraction of his problems.

The solutions designed to remedy Beiber's problems require strong counseling theoretical baselines to make them substantial. Gaining general knowledge of a client's problems is one vital step of theory choice. Based on the issues highlighted revolving around Justin Beiber's life, it is appropriate to emphasize on Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) and Humanist Theory to address adequately, the problems. The two theories seem to to be relevant in that they focus on the impact on thinking, feeling and behavior change as in CTB as well as care about the client's present as in Humanist (White, 2018).

In Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT), therapists show great concerns on their clients' present situations as well as distorted thinking. It does address mental illnesses such as personality among others (Corey, 2016). The behavioral bit approaches behavior as being learned. Based on Justin Beiber's case, CBT qualifies as one best tool that can enable a therapist to extract a concrete cause of the problem and generate a solution to the Teen Star's case. Justin's core problem rotates around his feelings and thoughts which are a perfect match of CBT defined basis.

Apart from CBT, Humanist Theory is a key supplement in providing solutions for the Teen Star's Problems. The theory focuses less on the past and negative behaviors. Instead, it upholds on self-growth and self-actualization of clients. This theory emphasizes the present with the belief that destiny is a choice of an individual and a therapist is only to provide care to a client (Fricker & Banbury, 2018). It links up theoretical contents with the real situation that a client undergoes. Humanist Theory can contribute much in this case as it will make real the current image of Beiber's present situation and give an appropriate way forward.


In conclusion, Justin Beiber's problems are much contributed by his feelings and thoughts about his present situation. To get relief, Justin needs a change of thought and an inclined positive feeling about his situation as well. Meeting a counselor or a therapist would expose him to Cognitive Behavior and Humanist Theories whose contents are appropriate and vital enough to solve his situation.


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