Essay Sample on Well-Being Milestones

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Date:  2022-07-27


Martin Seligman provides inspiring arguments that will improve my overall well-being in the Ted Talk episode of ideas worth spreading. One of them is that using the disease model is not sufficient to improve the overall well-being of a person. The disease model concentrates on making the miserable people less miserable (Seligman, 2018). However, it does not focus on improving the life of the people who are not sick. The argument has taught me that in life I should not seek to eliminate my weaknesses, but to improve my strengths as well. Psychologists and psychiatrists have made mistakes over the past by just focusing on repairing the damage. Therefore, I should seek to improve the value of happiness and satisfaction. In most cases, people attempt to avoid stress, yet they should focus on improving their happy moments and satisfaction in the long run. Additionally, I have learned that my overall well-being will be comprised of weaknesses and strengths (Seligman, 2018). As such, I should focus on building my strengths and working on my weaknesses (Martela et al., 2018). I have come to embrace the techniques which seek to enhance my lifestyle and make it more fulfilling amidst the setbacks that I might encounter.

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I have learned how to improve my level of happiness. The Professor indicates that individuals who express high levels of happiness and satisfaction have close social connections (Seligman, 2018). The poor people seem to express high levels of happiness since they have close social connections. The speaker posits that the miserable people are happier compared to the rich people. The level of happiness is not dependent on the religion, money, body shape, good or bad events. The level of happiness differs since the miserable people are extremely social (Seligman, 2018). They express high levels of happiness since they do not spend most of their time alone. According to Professor Martin Seligman, miserable people are in close romantic relationships (Seligman, 2018). The high level of happiness is due to the strong relationships with friends. Therefore, I have learned that life will not be satisfying if I only have millions of dollars in the bank. The simple practice I should embrace to ensure I end up happy is to have close relationships with friends and family members (Martela et al., 2018). In the era of increasing competition and complexity in the job market, I have learned that I need to create time for friends and family members.

The pursuit of pleasure has no relationship to life satisfaction. However, the pursuit of meaning leads to satisfaction (Seligman, 2018). The lesson is a wake-up call to my personal life. I have had the notion that people who live in expensive houses, drive supercars cars and have high salaries are satisfied in life. I have now understood that it is the people who pursue meaning who are highly satisfied with life. The poor or the rich can both be satisfied if only they pursue the same (Martela et al., 2018). Another lesson is that the pursuit of engagement strongly contributes to life satisfaction. Finally, I have learned that the overall well-being is composed of health and productivity, which lead to satisfaction in life (Seligman, 2018). Therefore, I can overcome stress by focusing on satisfaction. It is because the stressful moments emerge when people are troubled by financial issues or health. A person can thus experience joy, peace, happiness, and satisfaction whether they are rich, poor, young or old. I have learned that life can be fulfilling at any stage regardless of individuals background.


Martela, F., Ryan, R. M., & Steger, M. F. (2018). Meaningfulness as the satisfaction of autonomy, competence, relatedness, and beneficence: Comparing the four satisfactions and positive affect as predictors of meaning in life. Journal of Happiness Studies, 19(5), 1261-1282.

Seligman, M. (2018). The new era of positive psychology. Retrieved from

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