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The slaves in the American South served as a vital source of labor in the plantation fields toiling for long hours every day. The higher percentage disliked working in those plantations although a negligible portion was satisfied under the obsession rule. In most cases, the slaves were operating under a strict and cruel body of supervision where in some cases they were whipped so that they could complete the scheduled task within time.

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Economic Implication

The introduction of the slaves in the American south boosted the economic state in that region. The climate in the area was mild, and the presence of fertile soil paved the way for the agrarian activities. The slaves worked under massive plantations of wheat, tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo, sugar as well as hemp, and it significantly bolstered the economy of the area. The owners of the vast tracts of lands bought the African slaves to work under their plantations simply due to the shortage of labor that was evident. Moreover, the small-scale farmers could use the slave labor based on the capacity to hire. Due to the higher effort invested in the plantations, it proportionally led to the establishment of the industries in the regions to facilitate processing of the agricultural products as well as the extraction of natural resources in existence. In the relevant sectors, whites who owned no land were employed as well as the slaves. Majority of the slaves were used to handle the domestic services while some would work in the food processing, transportation, and manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, it resulted in the development of the mining industries, textile, lumbering as well as iron mongering. The exports rose up significantly and mainly the agricultural produce. The commotion of goods and services was also made efficient due to the presence of slave labor since the slaves could participate in public projects.

Political Implication

The South American society clung on the belief that the slaves deserved dependence while the whites deserved independence. According to the American south, the owners of slaves did a favor to slaves through the provision of necessities there would somewhat not in a position to provide for, through upholding slavery, they perceived the republic way. There was a rise of small workingman's parties due to unsatisfactory of the American system which depicted democratic aspects alongside with the second party system. The Democratic Party germinated to alienate the American system, keep the slavery out of politics, bonding the people as well as devolving power to the state level. The approach was opposite from National Republican perspective wishing that that power is kept at the national level; it implies that they supported the American system.

The Democratic Party majorly focused on the rights of the state. Their concern was to keep control localized whereby they can retain less at the top of the hierarchy. Majority of the democratic legislations was contentious. For example, when the tariff geared for protection was passed which was seen as a threat to slavery, it automatically resulted in the rise of the nullification issue. There was the abolition of the United States bank and the passage of the specie circular. The federal funds channeled into the banks with the notes of over twenty U.S. dollars. The enactment of specie circular was geared at ending prospecting in the west thereby allowing small farmers to acquire the land according to their wish. It was the main issue propelling the National republicans to form a union thus neutralizing the Democrats.

Social Implication

The slavery in the American south affected the general social lives of the people residing in the area. It changed the perception of the people living in different parts of the region to believe over their superiority over others; they felt that whites especially the whites are more superior to the African slaves in particular. It cultivated the aspect of racism among the residents. It served as the provision of the entitlement for the category belonging to the superior as well as a dominant race while creating the inferiority to a group of individuals belonging to the marginalized races around the globe. As a result of slavery in the American south, hatred was cultivated among the people since they developed an aspect of negativity towards different races working under the plantations. Respect for human life deteriorated whereby the slaves worked for long durations under dictatorial guidance and at the same time receiving minimal health or sometimes no treatments. They were taken not to be ordinary people in society. The association, as well as the physical touch, was lessened since the slaves did most of the work. It created the aspect of dependency where the feudal lords believed as well as relied on the cheap labor provided by the slaves rather than hiring the whites thus becoming expensive.

Furthermore, the aspect of slavery led to the deterioration of the respect of human rights in general, and the superior whites believed that other races did not deserve to be given a room for expression as well as freedom. The massive landowners only thought that whatever the slaves executed was executed was based on the direct command of those feudal lords. The slaves were seen as voiceless and naturally inferior and also were viewed having low mental capacity. The slavery in some cases led to the eruption of conflicts in the American south thus altering the social peace as well as the tranquility in the area merely due to the slave demonstrations who wanted better treatment and observation of their rights as human beings.

Cultural Implication

Slavery in the American south was also attached to cultural alterations in the area. It significantly brought changes in the lifestyle of people resulting in the area such as the clothing, cooking and many other aspects. There was the adoption of the culture that slaves used to practice in their ancestral homelands. The slavery incorporated the cowboy culture; it has been historically proven that the culture emanated in the United States due to slaves who were taken from North African regions. The North Africans were notoriously known for their relentless cattle raising which supported and shaped their day to day lives. They were known to be endowed with expertise in cattle herding. There were also contributions in the American cuisine due to the slavery. Some of the crops such as the kidney beans, rice as well as okra were incorporated into the Southern American culture, the people in the area begun consuming new kind of food. The therapeutic technique also erupted in the American south due to slavery; the use of holistic healing can be traced to have come from the African origin. It mainly composed of the herbal healing; it brought treatment against smallpox which had affected the higher percentage of the population that resided in the area.

Moreover, there was an influence in the music culture due to slavery in the region; polyrhythmic music was introduced whereby it involved the use of more than one rhythm at the same time. It originated from the aesthetic Africana culture. The South American people gained the architectural technique from the enslaved Africans both physically and philosophically. It encompasses how buildings were erected as well as the furniture design among other essential tools that were used in day to day life.


Conclusively, slavery in the American south was attached both to advantages as well as the disadvantages at large. It boosted the economy in the respective region through their efforts they invested in the massive plantations while in the other hand it paved the way to racial discrimination and lack of respect of human rights especially the enslaved segment.

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