Essay Sample on Unveiling the Past: A Guide to the Study of History

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Date:  2023-09-17


Different philosophers had varied ideas and concepts about the history and why the study of history was important as summarized below:

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Philosopher Key Concept Key Ideas Why Study History

  1. Fukuyama History is a means to comprehend the importance of contemporary events. It is mirror about the future. The present experiences indicate the end of humankind's ideological evolution rather than the passing of an era. The study of history helps un understanding the world and the things to happen in the future. What took place in the past provides the preparation for that which is to come in the future.

  2. Albert Shanker History is a tool both to reason and thinks about the crisis. History illuminates the mind of a human person. Several individuals have focused on the past occurrences to understand the best action forward. For instance, the U.S. Congress relied on Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, St. Thomas and St. Augustine to develop resolutions on whether to invade Iraq History helps people in understanding the crisis being faced by referring to past occurrences. Hence it enables people to clearly understand where they stand and how to get ready for the future unknown.

  3. Edward Gibbon History consists of misfortunes, and crime follies of humankind. A person can escape the realities of history through rational inquiry. Study of history aids in the acquisition of self-knowledge. Through history, new knowledge is acquired.

  4. Lord Acton Morality is an impartial criterion of men and things. When making judgments, men ought to consider the moral implication of the action History should defend moral acts, the correct and proper standards to discourage bad behavior. People study history as an ethical sanction that aids in moral acts. The past gives experiences that make people avoid related catastrophes, mistakes, and pitfalls.

  5. George Santayana: Forgetting the past compels people to repeat it. History forms the collective memory of humankind. History is studied because it is both utilitarian and practical. Through history, it becomes possible to enumerate the likely consequences of personal actions.

  6. Robin G. Collingwood. He saw human beings as devoid of nature but full of history. The experiences shape human beings and dictate what they become History allows people to understand human identity in the midst of groups and individual persons. History enables people to understand their actions.

  7. Immanuel Kant History is a hidden plan of nature. Philosophical historians comprehend the means and mechanism of attaining the fundamental nature of humankind becoming national. History makes it possible to understand that which is hidden about nature. Throughout history, things unfold that make it possible to understand nature.

  8. Paul Conkin History is a story about the past that humans have gone through. History allows people to see and experience the world differently with respect to time and space. The truth revealed by history dispels myths, fable, and legend. For instance, stories have been told about the origin of people, their ancestors, the monuments, spectacular events, and other historical aspects. History is studied because it is a claim to truth. Historians use history to validates their accounts. History allows the distinction of the past and the present through divergent conceptions of truth and believability.


Gilderhus, M. T. (2010). History and historians: A historiographical introduction. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice-Hall.

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