Essay Sample on Unethical Company Technology: Impact & Remedies

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Date:  2023-03-27

How does the unethical use of company technology during working hours affect workers' relationships and what are the remedies?

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Working is sometimes tiresome and boring and one may need occasional breaks during working hours to relax. Many employees take breaks and engage in other activities that are not work-related. I do take some time to check for news feed and update my social media handles. This is unethical as it leads to loss of several working hours hence low productivity. The practice is common in most employees as some even do freelance work with the company's technology. The practice has led to the difficulty in meeting deadlines for certain duties that have a timeline. The company's goals and objectives are also not easily attained as a lot of productive time are lost when employees use computers and the internet inappropriately. I do take approximately four and a half hours using the company's computer and internet to check my Facebook page for updates, twitter handle for trending topics and new tweets, Instagram account for new updates and YouTube for new and trending videos. The practice has developed to be part of my daily activities and it hinders my productivity. It may also cost me my job if found by the manager; therefore, the need to rectify it before it is too late for me.

My addiction to social media platforms has cost me social interaction with friends and colleagues. I have a very poor relationship with my co-workers as I spend very little time with them. The available times for social interactions like lunch breaks are spent on social media platforms trying to find what is new and trending instead of interacting with colleagues. I have grown to be a very social person in social media platforms but in real life, things are very different. I have attracted many followers and friends on the platforms while in real life, I have few friends who I do not spend time with. Since most of my time on the internet is during working hours, due to the free internet and computer at work, it is necessary to work on this unethical problem for me and also for the company.

Resolving this unethical issue will enable me to develop a good relationship with my colleagues at work. I will be able to concentrate on my work making me more productive in the job. Concentrating on my job will also develop me professionally as I gather a lot of experience from my current job. Resolving the unethical problem will also make me feel at ease while working since I will no longer be bothered by being caught by the manager engaging in illegal activities. Resolving the problem will also enable me to meet the set deadlines hence being competent in the job. In addition, I will spend some time with my friends and make more friends. As a result, I will have a more real-life than the fantasy I'm having on the social media platforms.

To improve my relationship with fellow workers, I have to resolve this issue to ensure I spend some time with them. To achieve this, I will have to reduce the time I spend on social media platforms. It may take me a long time to adapt to the new way of life where I spend little time on the internet. I had started the process of limiting social media use and little improvements have been observed. I spend most of my lunch and other breaks associating with my colleagues to develop a good relationship with them. Reducing the time used on social media platforms has also helped me meet deadlines unlike before. I spend most of the time working which has helped me meet deadlines with ease. Apart from improving my social life, the step has enabled me to deliver good results in my work leading to a good relationship with the manager which I did not realize was in a bad state. The inability to meet deadlines had led to the manager losing trust in me. Reducing my time on the internet has therefore, saved me my job and has led to a good relationship with my colleagues and manager.

Since the temptation to use the platforms is so strong, avoiding social media alone may prove to be futile when using the computer and the internet most of the time. Therefore, I have decided to perform duties that do not necessarily require the use of computers and the internet. This has enabled me to keep off social media and concentrate on my work. Through this, I have been able to engage with other employees in different departments. I have made new friends in the company and have established a good relationship with them. I'm still striving to make more friends and relate well with others to counter the lost time I spent with friends in social media whom I do not physically know. I have limited the time I spent on social media to at most one hour in a day in which, I check for new updates and trending topics. I aim at further reducing the time spent on social media and in return, I will spend time with friends and colleagues. By avoiding social media, I have been able to complete my work on time and at some point, give a helping hand to those who are still working.

Being disciplined at work will also help me resolve this unethical problem. Through this, I will be able to do the right thing always. By being disciplined, I should not use company's computers and internet for any work-related functions. I will restrict my use of the computer and internet to job functions only. The discipline will, therefore, play a crucial part in mending my unethical behavior at work. Through discipline, I will be able to concentrate on my work and produce the best result. The discipline will also help me have a good relationship with my colleagues. Discipline is crucial for any relationship to succeed and lack of it will create a feeling of animosity between individuals. Therefore, by being discipline, my relationship with my colleagues and even the manager will be excellent leading to the achievement of my goal of fostering a good social relationship with those close to me.

In addition, resolving the unethical problem will require me to set daily goals and objectives which I must strive to achieve. These goals and objectives will drive me to attain my ultimate goal of reduced social media indulgence and the establishment of a good relationship at the workplace. These goals and objectives will guide me throughout the day and help me do my work effectively. By attaining the set goals, I will reduce the time I spend on social media platforms thereby spending more time with my colleagues and friends. The goals will focus on meeting new people, spending time with my colleagues at work, limiting my access to social media platforms and finish my daily duties on time. When followed strictly, I will be able to improve on my social relationship and avoid a relationship with those I do not know through social media platforms. The goals will also help me perform my duties effectively thereby avoiding complaints and dissatisfactions from the manager which may cause me the job. To meet the daily goals, it will need me to work closely with others and in the process, foster a good relationship with them.

Apart from social media indulgence at work, I'm also involved in gaming and watching the video some of which are not appropriate. Through these, I sometimes destruct others making them lose concentration in their work. To resolve these, I uninstalled all the games on the computer and disabled some sites such that I may not access the videos. The decision has enabled me to concentrate on work and avoid destroying others. I can now finish my duties on time and give the others an ample time and peace to do their work. This together with the other steps I have taken, has helped me relate well with my colleagues and perform my duties effectively. I have managed to reduce the time I spend on the internet and replace it with valuable time spent with friends and colleagues. I continue to improve more and more and make sure I behave appropriately in the workplace. I have avoided the unethical behavior of using the computer and internet for none work-related duties. I plan to further improve on it and ensure I act professionally in the workplace and have a good relationship with my colleagues. The changes have enabled me to secure my job and more interestingly, there are chances of promotion in the future.

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