Essay Sample on Uncovering Freedom: America's Founding Cultural Artifact

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Date:  2023-01-09


A historical artifact is an object that gives people e better understanding about past events. people have gained knowledge involved in the past where they look at objects that historians have discovered. Using historical artifacts is helpful in both the study of old and medieval past, artifacts can brighten any time of the past. We are going to look at one of the ancient artifacts which is the figure of freedom in America and its founding as one of the well-known cultural a remembrance of the time difference thus the creation of the statue of liberty and its past (Blanchet & Dard, 2017). The statue was built on a granite-solid connected to the war in the year 1812 with the star's formula. The artifact became a national memorial after being innovative on 15-10-1924. The artifact is situated at the liberty island during the year nineteen fifty-six of the situation. The creation process will be brought to understanding this paper. Perceived as a momentous, the figure is seen differently by other people, it is owned as a historical artifact of the United States. It similarly portrays a symbol of liberation and freedom. The impression was created from a lawyer at France college, Edouard in Eighteenth sixty-five. The scheme was assigned in 1871, by August Frederic who was a French sculptor.

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The artifact is made of Brass and was his choice an architect called Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, who found the idea of using the repoussage process. The artifact itself is seen differently by every person. It becomes a source of tourist attraction that generates income to a government because many people appreciate its beauty among both visitors and residents. The people of New York might be used to its presence but it is still never disregarded. Many tourists do not know that the founders of the monument artifact were French whereby it was officially opened in October 1886. During the late sixties of the nineteenth era, French inventors invented protected ethical provisions for Americans during their fight for freedom. Positioning a conference, they presented the artifact to America as a sign of friendship and as a gift, builder of the Figure of Liberty was given a name by architect Frederic Auguste. He called Freedom what he had done, carrying the brightness to the world (Blanchet & Dard, 2017). The artifact has been depicted into the country's currency and stamps being an American image it appeared memorial of coins given out to attain the 1988 anniversary and also the country's admission to the national quarter's system. The investment on national currency and postcards with the mark of the statue of liberty became worthwhile and profitable in more than ten years after which the workers in the printing system influenced the assembly to prohibit the introduction of postcards made from other countries the used the statue of liberty and other American objects. A resident of New York named Emma Lazarus contributed to one of the very famous parts and portions of art stimulated by the statue of liberty and the hope it gives to globally non-French nations. The Shakespearean named The New Titan, inscribed in 1883 for a public sale to boost funds for the artifact, was an admiration to the representation of Lady Liberty. In the historic times, many large memorial figures were destined to discourage enmity or to signify the strong point and prosperity of a state.

Even though the statue was an offering, the United States desired to pay for the making of its base during construction. It was attractively complicated but eventually, a kind of help funding by a number of people promotion was published in a broadcast sheet of the state New York whereby all the members that are the workshop labors, cleansers, administration representatives, and even families, provided any kind of assistance they could afford to compensate for the base construction and henceforth, the base and sculpture was raised up in 1886. being a state figure, the figure of the prominent artifact develops identical to the American ethics in equality, consensus, and independence, this can be signified in the gallery assembly by several artifacts and a lot of drawings and art inside the museum.

The arts center assembly comprises of the samples of the figurative use of the Statue's image during the periods that war existed. Objects after World War I and World War II deliberately depicted the Statue's image to stimulate and enhance continuous provision for the warfare struggle. The artifact's depiction was employed to be as the keeper and guardian of the citizens of the United States and American principles against several pressures and philosophies. Generally the artifact has improved the lives of the citizens of the state New York and has also earned Reputation a part of public attraction since it is a historical place that houses important items in a museum this earns or rather creates an environment of developments and more understanding of the past and its relation to the present state where the freedom mentioned was achieved and liberty too (Burstein & Mark, 2018). It is one of the largest artifacts in the world.


In conclusion, seeing the figure went up historically and became a world symbolic image for acceptance and hospitable form and this led to welcoming of immigrants and also connected the world whereby artifacts of the same likeness were started to be made in other countries this brings unity and sympathy between Americas and the French History of the artifact about freedom and liberty.

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