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Date:  2022-06-23


From the assessment carried out I agree with the results based on the traits of my invisible mentor. This because the invisible mentor possesses certain qualities of a leader I admire so much, for instance, the quality of being a creative builder.

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Based on the assessment, the style of my invisible mentor is that of transformational leadership style. It is because the invisible mentor who like to initiate change in an organization, others, and groups. My invisible mentor is a transformational leader who loves to motivates others to perform more than they initially intended and mostly more than they thought possible. The transformative leader always set more challenging expectations and primarily achieves more excellent performance than expected. Statistically, transformative leadership usually have more committed and satisfied followers.

Based on the results and self-identification, my invisible mentor possesses a transformative leadership style reason being that he has the following qualities in him; one, He is a people mover this because when a leader lives according to the standard they set to achieve, people typically take notice of that in their heart. Leaders usually promise a lot, but it is the follow-through that has a more significant impact on the leader's ability to inspire change and continue getting by it. The transformative leader usually gets people moving since his followers do trust him so much due to the past actions he has taken to empower people through developments activities in the society, representing people effectively in forums and hiring out their grievances to be heard and implemented subsequently. A leader of such caliber gets people typically along his way and can't be opposed in the society easily since he has peoples heart.

The second trait of my invisible mentor is much of a transformative leader who is a creative builder in nature. A creative builder is a leader who has a clear vision of what they want to achieve in the long run. They have the ability and the skills to communicate their vision so that everyone in the organization, groups and various forums can understand what is needed to achieve this vision. I admire such a transformative leader due to sense that through vision we can make decisions that can impact our lives positively. Though his creative building, the transformative leader loves typically to inspire his followers to always be positive in whatever they do. They have the abilities to encourage others to rise to the occasion. Their style of inspiration is not just limited to the formal acknowledgment of the job well done, but they treat each employee as a valuable individual in the organization or workplace and take his time to understand what motivates them. Moreover, the leader knows that it's important to continually be informed on the changing market conditions to keep moving forward by utilizing every opportunity that may come across. The transformative leaders usually are ever willing to adapt to new situations in the society and always seek creative ways to respond to the ever-changing business environment. Finally, through the creative building, the transformative leader usually become proactive in their approach to the challenges that affect the people and come up with the innovative solution on how to conquer the problem. These leaders take calculated risks, and then take an active role in growing the organization as well as the changes facing people.

Moreover, the transformational leader is someone who is experienced in guidance. He is a leader who can guide the people to do more than they originally intended to achieve in their various activities. A transformative leader for instance, through his experience, can initiate a program in the society that can bring about the change in the lives of the people. They can start and run effective financial Sacco's in the community and invites members with the same goals to register their names hence he is empowering people through his experienced guidance on financial matters. Also, a transformative leader starts a company they expect everyone to follow. They openly communicate their vision, expectations, and how the standard is to be carried out through the organization. Through the stated visions people, as well as the employees, can understand the set goals of the organization and which means to achieve them. A transformative leader is also someone who is courageous enough to influence changes in the society. He needs to take on new challenges, make tough decisions, take calculated risks and be willing to go out on a limb for something he believes in. Transformational usually dare to create a vision and make the toughest decision necessary to achieve their goals. Though his experience guides, a transformational leader shares and understands the collective and consciousness of the whole organization. It makes them mainly listen to the feeling and emotions of his team members; he also gives them a bright idea of what actions to take. Since they are held into the organization consciousness, the transformative leader is capable of making decisions that promote growth and also create a shared vision for the organization that the employee feel part of

A transformative leadership style enables one to seek for the truth this is because it is not easy for transformation to be achieved if the leader is not open as well as receptive to new ideas. Usually, the transformation leader understands the truth that success is as a result of the effort of the entire team. And also growth does occur only in an organization with a culture of openness to the new ideas from all the levels. A transformational leader makes willingness efforts to solicit new ideas from group members, i.e., Sacco's members and also use their insights to make valuable decisions. Moreover, the leader usually seeks the truth that affects large members of the society and comes up with the better solution to the problems. Through such action they get loved by a majority of the people due to the impacts they add to the face of the community at large.

Also, transformative leadership style enables one to be an advocate for the people. It is majorly through supporting others to make their voice heard or as well ideally for them to speak up for themselves. A transformative leader can represent his people more so the clients in the court of law and speak on their behalf. Also, an advocate can raise a complaint in the court of law over the violation of the esteem human rights, i.e., the violation of the gender rule as well as the child abuse cases.


In summary, certain personalities do inspire us to become somebody shortly, i.e., the invisible mentors. Based on my assessment I carried out I found out that my leadership style is that one of the transformative leaders. Since they usually initiate changes in the society through being creative, they also motivate others through their experience guidance, advocate for challenges arising in the organization through the court of law and become people movers through their various influences on the people.

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