Thesis Example on Management: Most Effective Management Style for Modern Workplace

Paper Type:  Thesis
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Date:  2021-04-19


Management is one very important aspect in a workplace, it contributes to failure or success in the production levels. And why is management important? Management should be considered the top factor for a successful production because it has all the powers to come up with the right strategies to govern the activities in the workplace. Therefore, this paper will discuss effective communication as the most effective management style for the modern workplace.

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Why Is Communication Important in Management?

One of the functions of management is communication. Communication in an organization is very fundamental (Kim & Park, 2012); the management should be ready to communicate with his staff when there is a need. Effective communication in the workplace between the management and its staff will endorse awareness of what they are needed to do in their fields of work. According to Kim and Park (2012), communication revolves around everything in an organization because the staff will be able to work to pull off their best in their fields of work since they have a peaceful environment to work on. This even gives them an open opportunity to share their ideas that can help implement the organization strategies, coming up with rules and regulation to govern the organization. Azad and Hashemi (2013) also note that, workplace communication also promotes respect and dignity between the management and the staff in an organization, improving togetherness and love amongst the individuals. Hamadani et al. (2014) argue that, with communication, the management finds it very effortless and simple to execute its plans because the organization is very united and organized in their work. However, as Linke and Zerfass (2012) report, in the modern workplace, there are online networks that help build a network. It helps get to other industries and colleagues through social media services, but this cannot help the management to acquire the vital information that can help in the improvement of an organization (Linke & Zerfass, 2012). Therefore, they require competent personnel to provide quality production.


In conclusion, the highest and best production is only possible with proper communication skills in the workplace in an organization reducing conflict among the staff and management. Communication is, therefore, the most effective management style that should be implemented by the modern managers in their management skill because it builds close relationships among the staff and management.


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