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The historical legend of the Alamo has played a vital role in the future of Texas, and it is one of the significant past events in Texas since it motivated revolutionaries towards victory leading to the development of the Texas Republic. The relevance of the historical legend surrounding Alamo can be seen today. Even though the Mexican descent martyrs the Seven Tejanos are not often remembered as one of the fighters, Texas citizens cannot forget the Alamo historic event up to date since the event inspired them to take pride in their uniqueness, their control against other larger forces and their independence (Suri, 2016). In this essay, the impact of the historical legend of Alamo on the federal/state relationships today, the overall identity of Texas political structure and why the ancient legend of Alamo carries more weight have been discussed.

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To What Extent Does the Historical Legend Surrounding the Alamo Continue to Impact Federal/State Relationships Today as Well as the Overall Identity of the Texas Political Culture?

The United States recognized Texan independence in 1836, and it is the second largest among the various states in the United States. For many years, since the historical legend of Alamo, the federal-state relationship has moved to national status and the power balance is shifting towards the states. The Texan-US relationship used to be great, but with time, Texas became unstable such that it could not sustain nor defend its citizens hence the US begun to consider a takeover. The legislature of Texas is to a greater extent functional as compared to the Congress of the United States and even more refined than the House of Commons (Holub, 2016).

The local governments in Texas are part of the federal governments hence they are profoundly affected by the decisions made by both the national government and the state. According to the Texas law, the local government has some limitations as compared to the federal systems and these local governments act as a link between the national system and the residents in Texas State.

The historical legend surrounding Alamo has impacted Texas political culture in many different ways. The Texas outsized politics are fascinating, and the citizens of Texas Republic are not as monolithic as they appear to be, on the contrary, their state is divided politically just like the other states in the United States. The political culture in Texas culture is traditionalistic and also individualistic. The individualized political culture is the most rooted in the frontier of the state in social convention, personal politics and reduction of the importance of political parties. On the other hand, the traditional political culture developed from the Old South after the Alamo legendary event which led to the development of a single political party where the minorities and the poor were not allowed to vote, and there was an establishment of policies for social protection of the citizens (Wright, 2017).

These two different political cultures are still present today in the traditions, values and the overall behavior of the Texan citizens and also in the Lone star state government policies. Two states within one state are; the AM Texas and the FM Texas. The AM Texas serves the rural and suburb areas while the FM Texas has the central focus within the city and NPR kingdom. The Texas justice system has developed over the years, and the courts are open to any claim regarding the violation of people civil rights and inhibition of their liberties. The courts are also in control of the political establishments in the state, and this can be manifested in the legislature which ensures equal distribution of revenues in all schools (Wright, 2017).

Does the Legend Indeed Carry More Weight, and, if so, Why?

Yes. The legend of the Alamo carries more weight than the battle itself did. The historic battle leading to the legend of the Alamo was the first battle fought by Texas against Mexico in struggle for its independence. There are various reasons why the legendary Alamo is considered important. Firstly, the phrase Remember the Alamo is often used in honor of the brave and courageous martyrs who despite knowing that they did not stand a chance of winning the fight since they did not have enough ammunition and were outnumbered, the rebels still sacrificed their lives to protect Texas (Suri,2016).

Additionally, the legend carries more weight since the historic event impacted the rebels positively and improved their morale as well as their fighting spirit. This is because some of the men who fought included Jim Bowie and David Crockett hence contributing to the fame of the Alamo historic event. The outnumbered militia bravely sacrificed to fight the cruel and the professional soldiers of the Mexicans (Levey & Keller, 2015).

Even though the rebels lost the battle, it was this battle that led to the Texas Revolution. The legend of Alamo is essential not only because it is a part of American history but also because it was the key that led to the Texas war of independence. It was a motivating factor to the establishment of the Texas Republic.


In conclusion, the historical legend of the Alamo has played a key role in the future of Texas. It is one of the significant past events in Texas since it motivated revolutionaries towards victory leading to the development of the Texas Republic The relevance of the famous legend surrounding Alamo is still present today in the overall relationship between the federal/state and the political culture of Texas.


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