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Date:  2022-11-01


The Texas Tribune is a US nonprofit media organization that is created to promote civic engagement and awareness in public events and state affairs so that people can be kept up to date on all activities of the state especially on social, economic, and political matters. Consequently, it gives Texas citizens a voice to air out their grievances in order to be represented and then finds solutions for their problems, for example, the Cornyn which paves a way to offer solutions to the migrant crisis (Tribune, n.p.) The publication denounces the solutions to migrant crisis especially the Bipartisan should provide a solution to fix what is broken. Texas tribute highlights the problems facing the state particularly in Texas and the vast solutions which can be implemented to curb the challenges.

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Texas observer on the other hand is an American nonprofit media organization that is dedicated to serve no group or party but rather to meet the interests of the general public. It provides the truth where Texas citizens find the right to see events of the state and daily updates including climate change especially on the Central American immigrants, updates from the state affairs, and insurance programs. This is made explicit in order to forward trash the tittle of the magazine 'the observer' which observes real events in Texas. In another parallel, it creates space for Texas citizens to observe what happens in the from the social life, economic, and political sphere.

Ross Ramsey published on the Texas Tribune about the analysis of the tight-fisted legislature with expensive ambitions (Tribune, n.p.). The publication explains that the legislature has colocation efforts of the anticipated transformation which is aimed at raising taxes for the taxpayers. The top officials have this goal of raising taxes to the taxpayers especially for local school property because they understand that education is a necessity and everybody must let the children pass through the system. They, therefore, find a way of exploiting the proletariats in the fact that the belief and know that they are the ones with a voice in decision making.

On the issue of social update and life, the Texas Tribune employed two employee's one a photographer and an engineer to boost the visual storytelling on what is happening day in day out. The Texas tribute emphasizes the quality journalism which from the many media organizations does not come for free. This means that the organization aims at creating real entertainment and adding the latest auditions which meet the interests of the fans. Similarly, its main interest is to counter with time to capture family separation crisis.

On another parallel, Trump administration takes a positive look at Texas push for the criminal justice reform bill. Lawmakers are allowed to look at how the reform works so that the life of Texas citizens can have meaning particularly the lives of inmates. This could reduce the federal prison population and enhance Texas life to acquire a boom both socially and economically. President Trump is fully praising the efforts by the bipartisan prison reform organization which has a strong initiative aiming to reduce the prison population by half and banning the shackling of women during children birth.


In conclusion, there are many opinions, for instance, the support of the Texas Tribune for the fact that it is a nonprofit organization. It gives views and solutions on social problems such as substance abuse and how this is a significant challenge in many families and homes. The observe at the same time explores the increasing challenges Texas and provides a leeway to offer a the public digital dialogue and debate to give their opinions which will be published and therefore explicating the solutions to their daily challenges.


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