Essay Sample on Technology in Management

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Date:  2022-11-11

Human Resources

Technology has aided in ensuring that employees have worked to the best of their ability to exploit the untapped power in them, this technology has enhanced knowledge in the managerial system. Social network such as Twitter can increase the ability of a firm to organize and leverage a team of expert quickly. A firm can reach out to expertise by using source tool sites such as the Quora and Stack Overflow. This method will help a firm to reach the experts who are outside that company. The human resource managers are using the technology to do a task such s employment and training of workers. The technology can enable the workers to access the public with ease; the company will also be able to monitor and enforce policies more so capturing and pushing out best practices

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Hiring and retention have been made easier as new job seekers information is kept in a database file. The job seekers keep in mind that no personnel will cut them out, but the database contains a search program that will enable the job seekers to write keyword knowing that no human being is involved. Technology can keep employees happy and feeling well valued, and they will never be at any risk of being taken away by other competitive firms.

Cooperate law has the involvement with the technology; intellectual property and piracy are an activity that was much incorporated with technology. In case a firm plans to invent a business plan, a team of experts with legal skills will see the plan and decide whether the firm can qualify for installation.

In the United States of America, the top 3 jobs which are computer science, jobs related to the information system and tech specialization are among the 1 out of 20 jobs that are being advertised in the states. There has been estimation where there is only one qualified graduate out of seventeen tech job opportunities. Technology careers have been ranked among the top best jobs in the US News list.

Upper-level career chances are becoming more diverse. Consultants can work with senior executives showing the, how to effect a firm. A firm technology specialist can rise to be a chief technology officer where he oversees the firm's information systems and develop the firm. Technology has brought much change mostly in firms. Therefore by studying the business and technology, one can think critically, and this will help you to evaluate the new coming technologies.

However, some nanotechnologists tried to enter the technological world only for them to lose. The News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch piloted his firm in purchasing MySpace only to see it one-time leader lose shares to rival. However, it is clear that a focus on technology is a recipe for failure that if a business does not appreciate the new technology.

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