Essay Sample on Student's E-Portfolio: A Comprehensive Guide to Curriculum, Learning & Assessment

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Date:  2023-04-23

Electronic Portfolio is an online collection of all the personal and professional data of a student's evidence of the student's experiences, accomplishments, and efforts in course studies. The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) defines e-portfolio as the modality for recording all workplace-based assessments and the "glue which binds the curriculum, learning, and assessment. It is the modern form of online curriculum vitae that has more information on the student's journey in his or her career. An e-portfolio is useful to both students and also to the educators. To the students, it is a reflection of their work and for the educators; it's a form of feedback from their students.

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Nursing educators use e-portfolio to assess their student's work. The educators get a chance to access the students' ideas, accomplishments, and evidence. The more an educator knows about the students' e-portfolio the more the educator will know the best ways to help the student in understanding more about the course being studied .the educator has to make sure that the student is equipped with the necessary knowledge about the souse being studied. The educators also challenge students to do improvements in their e-portfolio for a better career in the future because the more you have a better e-portfolio the more one's career has the chances of being better.

E-portfolio helps nursing students self-evaluate their accomplishments and goals the students can now access how their career journey is headed and e-portfolio challenges them to do the necessary improvements to take them where they feel they want to be. Students, therefore, get a chance to plan on how to achieve their goals both in the long run and in the short run. The student can track his/her academic growth. Since it allows for the student to interact with the education then a student who wishes to improve will get a chance to get help from the educators.

The e-portfolio assists educators to engage their learners more in their studies. It actively involves students in their learning through a shared understanding of the learning goals and criteria for success, self and peer assessment, goal setting, and feedback that lets a student know how they can improve. Educators work it made easy because now the students get a chance to reflect on what one has learned and taken a chance to understand it deeply.

Students are given a chance to interact with fellow students on what was learned in class. This gives them a better understanding of the topic at hand. Educators also benefit from this because their work is now made easier as students get the chance to learn from other students who had a better understanding of what the teacher meant in class. The educator also gets a chance to comment on the student's post in the portfolio thus gets to identify and explain confusing ideas or ideas that were not well explained in the course work.

E-portfolio is a transparent and comprehensive method of learning where. This is unlike the ''give test and then grade" method, where the student is tested what he/she understands and also the kind of ideas, accomplishments, and goals that the student encounter in the course work. Therefore, the instructor will be able to grade more transparently and give grade which is more deserved. E-portfolio gives educators a platform whereby they can be able to access the student's wok from anywhere and at any given time.

E-portfolio is going to improve education in the whole world not only in nursing. However implementing it is not a simple task as it is faced by several challenges that may include poor internet connectivity, insufficiently trained educators and also in some cases some students may not be actively involved as required.

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