Essay Sample on St. Edmund Campion: Developing Responsible Citizens Through Fundraising Event

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Date:  2023-04-10


St. Edmund Campion always strives to develop its students into self-reliant, responsible, and independent citizens. The school values participation in extra-curriculum activities as these are essential in helping the students develop and refine their social skills, enhance their self-esteem, and help develop responsible individuals who honor their duties (Kelly, 2019). The school is planning to hold a fundraising event with the primary intention of collecting enough capital that can be used in acquiring a new uniform for its football team, St. Edmund Campion Bears. Through this, students will be motivated to participate in extra-curriculum activities and compete with other learning institutions effectively. The estimated cost for the uniform is $1600, which is to be raised through a fundraiser that is to be held within the local fire department picnic grove on 20th March 2020. There are 15 volunteers in total ready to assist and make the event successful.

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The event is to incorporate both mini-sporting events and an auction later in the day. A total of ten football teams are expected to participate in the event from morning to mid-afternoon. The sporting event shall begin from 9 am in the morning and end at 3 pm. The auction event is to run from 3:15 pm to 5 pm. The 15 volunteers will take part in the auctioning event. The auctioning event is expected to raise $1000; the remaining balance from the target s expected to be raised through gate charges. A total of 300 individuals are expected to attend the event in which each individual will be charged $2.5 at the entrance. Every individual will receive a soft drink and a snack at the gate upon obtaining an entrance receipt as a token of appreciation from the organizers.

The local businesses are quite supportive, and a good number of them want the event to be successful. Five businesses have agreed to donate 500 bottles of soft drinks, while two have agreed to donate 250 bottles of water each. These are expected to cover the demand for water by players who will take part in the mini-tournament. Two restaurants have agreed to jointly work together in preparing whatever food that will be needed that day. However, they have indicated that the cost of ingredients to be used will be covered by the organizers.

The budget for that day is estimated to be $600, in which three-quarters have been covered through donations from the businesses and restaurants within Brampton, Ontario. A third of the remaining quarter of the budget, which is $50, has been set aside to cover for advertising expenses, while the remaining will be used in purchasing ingredients to be used. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be used in advertising the event. The social media tools are cost-effective and can reach a significant number of the areas' population (Brown, 2018).

Students will be expected to tag their peers and parents to participate in the event. An online platform will be used to receive the donation from individuals who are willing to participate in the event but cannot make it due to other commitments. Half of the excess amount received from the event will be used to reward the business and restaurants who will participate in the event.


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