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Ahmed is a silent boy, and anxious in learning new things. Previously, Ahmed is seen to be academically upright but with some times later his academic performance start deteriorating. Concerned with the social and emotional learning of the child, his class teacher invites his parents into school to discuss the issues with her. On the issue, the parents respond that the boy faces stomach problems, especially in the morning. Moreover, the parents admit that the boy had complained of other children in the class teasing him.

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Ahmed's Social, Emotional and Behaviour Profile

Common frameworks of developing social and emotional learning (SEL) have been established to promote education and academic achievement. SEL refers to the ability of a learner in recognizing emotions and managing them effectively as well as building a healthy and positive relationship with others surrounding them. Case study 3 (DfES, 2001) reveals the combination of emotions, behaviours and cognitions portrayed by Ahmed as he struggles to develop SEL abilities. Some of his feelings such as poor attendee at school are mainly affecting his studies..

Research-based on CASEL and SEL finds that the student who receives instruction from people like teachers and parents able outperform other students in the course of study (Dacey et al. 2016). That child improves and also assert his/her academic performance. Both immature and adult people, all they need a way to cool off and compose themselves even under rough conditions. They all need skills to recognize and able to manage their emotions. Ahmed is unable to establish a positive relationship with other students, and this bars him not to make new friends. He lacks knowledge on how to discern the emotions and so unable to manage emotional difficulties. This may prevent him from having the skills to resolve the conflicts that may arise in his life.

Emotional and social learning is one of the key aspects that this child lacks. It assists one to win the skills he or she requires to retrain him or herself from social and emotional troubles. It's through this process that this child can get learning on how to become social to other students and also become stress-free. In that respect are some of the areas of emotional and social learning that the child faces difficulties; Social awareness. The child lacks self-awareness and unable to identify and appreciate other students and also differences and similarities of a group of a student. By this, he cannot outperform other students in the course of study.

Self-awareness. The child is not able to identify his values, strength, interest and recognizing his emotions. This result to lack of hope in the future life.

Relationship skills. This child lacks a good relationship with other students in the class. He cannot resist social pressure from other students or the people surrounding. It becomes a problem to maintain and also to identify a good relationship and stable cooperation. This can help to reduce and resolve any interpersonal conflict.

Self-management. Ahmed is not able to regulate his emotion. He is always stressed up and no way he can manage to control impulse. Therefore, it is hard for the child to achieve an academic and personal goal.

Responsible decision making. The lack of social and emotional learning, therefore it is hard for him a concrete decision. Decision-making skills are required in both social situations and also at schools. This usually increases the academic performance of the child.

There are some of the contextual challenges that are depicted from social and emotional learning that would probably assist a person with social and emotional difficulties. Some of them are; promoting a safe, caring and well-managed learning environment; establishing appropriate values among students and staffs, initiating social and emotional learning into every aspect of school life, participating and building teamwork among student in school especially in sports, among others.

Nathan's Social, Emotional and Behaviour Profile

Nathans is a little boy who is equally touched by the social and emotions learning difficulties. His aggressiveness, eagerness and childlike behavior have been a central problem that has touched on his education negatively. He constantly feels like he needs adequate amount time to do what all he feels like without being laid off by anybody. He is unable to sustain a healthy relationship with his compeers in the school and also the adults because of him overreacting over a small matter. As remarked in the Case study2 (DfES 2001), Nathan's behavior is described to be as a upshot of the child-minder which become too tough to share with. The boy's behavior has posed questions to his parents and seemingly much concern because they do not cognize what to answer.

Nathan's case can be further be explained using CASEL framework (Dacey et al. 2016). so as to get into deeper details on the Social and emotional learning. First, Nathan is seemingly impressed by the several social and emotional troubles in school life and the life at home. For example; Nathan is always confronted over a minor matter and becomes unable to share with any of the contradictory issues. Instead of possessing the skills, self-management, anger managements or responsive decision making, Nathan is filled with frustrations and outbursts. This is caused by overreactions over the conflicting matters, despite being enthusiastic. He feels like no one should stand to stop him from doing all what he feels like. By this, Nathan cannot stand to deal with challenging task in school or even at home.

A CASEL model is a healthier way that is used to deal with social and emotional weaknesses and strength of any lawsuit. Previously, Nathan seems to emulate aggressiveness and self-confidence in doing constructive tasks, but he lacks self-management, ideal skills to deal with frustrations, knowledge to manage anger, and also a concrete means of resolving problems. Due to these difficulties, Nathan's academic performance and social life deteriorated.In regards to the contextual aspects, previously Nathan's life at home was very awful as he got every support that he required from his parent. His academic performance was presentable as well. Despite all these good attributes, childminder could not leave him to go forward with the same conduct. Subsequently he was filled with frustrations of social and emotions which lured everything that looked positive in his spirit.

Factors Contributing to Child SE Learning Difficulties

Teacher-child relationship and parent-child relationship is among the elements that leads to social and emotional learning difficulties of the minor. In school, instructors should be involved in advancing social and emotional learning in several ways; they should reinforce SEL skills inside and outside the classroom, allow pupils to practice SE learning in the grade, use SE learning skill to teach academic subjects in the class so as to enhance intellect, and also take part in school team that identifies SE learning program and evaluates SE learning. Parents should invest more effort and take initiative to reinforce SE learning obtained by the youngsters in school. This can be done by modeling the behavior that drives the child in practicing SE learning. Additionally, kids can achieve SEL, when parent assists the child in doing classroom assignment, help them to solve the problems by discussing strategies that are better in making determination.

Social and emotional learning that Nathan experiences, is due to overreactions over the subjects, lack of social cognition, and poor social behavior. Nathan is unable to generate a competent solution on the problems undergoing (Gozal and Molfese 2005). Nathan holds a poor social behavior that makes him unable to initiate and sustains a positive social relationship among the peers, thus acting aggressively and exhibiting hyperactivity (Gresham 1997). As noted by Carr, (1988), self-perception and academic performance, are improved systematically. Therefore, students who receives instructions, outperforms other students academically. Interventions based on classroom can be applied to reduce negative academic performance, poor social relationship and social personal perceptions. This can be accomplished by increasing legitimate opportunity interactions and reducing personal performance visibility.

Nathan's education and childhood care contributes much in creating social and emotional learning. Despite being controlled by several SE difficulties, Nathan would be packed with a great deal of sincerity because it would have been done by the immaturity in him. He would be trained and shown how to face challenging tasks. Parents and teachers would take that responsibility to and establish Nathan's social and emotional learning and the childminder would not negatively affect his SE learning.

Interventions Strategy That Benefits the Child in SE Learning

The benefits of societal and emotional learning are encamped with various that support Nathan to develop emotionally. Being positive for the class, improved attitudes and self-confidence, improves social and emotional skills, and concerned about oneself, school and others. Having such attributes, it helps child to reduce emotional suffering, lower risk of aggressive behavior and able to work out problems in a competent manner. Interventions are based into classroom interventions and group interventions. According to Charles Greenwood (2001), demonstrated social relationship and positive impact on peers that may involve the academic performance. In order to integrate learning in all subject the teacher is required to provide opportunities for all children so that they can work collaboratively.

Group design-based interventions, majors with individualized skills rather than class based where the teacher makes interventions acceptable in the classroom. Individualized skills are termed to be more effective. Group design-based interventions does not give details on the actual social problems of a student in a specific subject but it necessarily teaches only crucial social skills. If the what student requires does not match with the instructions provided by the teacher in the classroom, poor academic results are obtained. Positive results can only be achieved if interventions are matched with the child difficulties. Generally social and emotional learning skills that are taught as section classroom instructions, cannot generalize other settings (Mathur & Rutherford 1991). Nathan social and emotional difficulties would stopped if the class teacher and the parents works hand in hand to help him. In school the teacher would makes sure Nathan is engaged in SE learning skills by participating SE learning programs whereas at home parents would take the opportunity to reinforce group design interventions that individualized the skills


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