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Programs provided have been formal and informal settings that are for informational and skill sessions, lasting a few hours or day-long program training. The learning, in this case, is interactive for the students in the institution and they are able to acquire great skills. The intention of the institution in programming the educational curriculum is to have an efficient work setting that enables the students around to fit the alignment with the streamlined description.

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There are five areas that according to Caffarella and Daffron have affected the way the educational site is programmed. These factors include the likes of technology, learning for adults, differences in issues of culture, the building of relationships, as well as power and also interest (Caffarella, & Daffron, 2013). There is much essence brought out by the program in helping the learners acquire information and skills that they need in life. According to the institution, programming the educational site to fit in the few hours is not at all an activity of sequence but more of an interactive process that is patterned off the situation.

Organization's Mission and Vision Statement

The Mission of XYZ High School is to create a challenging learning environment that will inspire, motivate and empower our students to achieve life-long success. The Vision is honoring the past, embracing the present and preparing for the future. Learners today; Leaders tomorrow! The mission helps to serve as the goal of the organization. In that case, it should also be the goal of every other student or learner that gets to study in the place (Aithal, 2015).

The high school makes sure that the students are empowered and motivated to achieve their short-term and long-term goals in academic success. The mission of the school has outlined clearly the agenda that the institution is all about and so the teachers should be programmed to work towards setting the same standards for the school (Aithal, 2015). The institution has done its best to produce learners that are well-equipped with both knowledge and skills that they can use to sustain themselves in life.

The vision is also a focal point for the organization such that the stakeholders align themselves with the operations of the High School. The vision acts as a guide to the creation of plans and setting objectives as well as making rational decisions towards achieving a common goal. It is such that everyone will be working towards the sole purpose of the institution which is preparing future leaders (Aithal, 2015). The vision statement is important in increasing the overall efficiency of the institution and the organization as well. The mission and vision of the High School have helped to ensure that they are focused and work together in complex projects and during stressful times.

Foundational Knowledge

XYZ High School has used two different program planning models; the Program Action-Logic Model (conventional model) and the Planning Process Model. Preferably using the Logic Model. The logic model is more preferred by the organization as a tool for planning as it does better in defining the inputs, outputs as well as the outcomes of the program (Stewart, 2017). It is in a way to explain the kind of thinking that is behind the design of the program and also show the activities to take place and how they will lead to the desired results.

The planning process model is also ideal for analysis of the internal and external environments. The model will include analyzing the current state of the programs in the High School, defining the expected future state, developing the necessary objectives that match the mission and vision of the institution and also coming up with great strategies to implement plans made.

Foundational knowledge for adult education has several principles which demonstrate the necessary approaches to be made in earning. Adult learning is evident in that there are many adult alumnae from the school who are doing better in society and they are able to sustain themselves with the knowledge they obtained. The institution factors in the principle of cultural difference in that there are different cultural backgrounds that reveal themselves from the fact that there are mixed races and origins (Stewart, 2017). The high school ensures the principle of relationship building as the students are able to mingle with the rest and create bonds that are useful to them. The institution also fosters power and interest as well as technology for the students through designing a curriculum that includes them in learning.

Key Stakeholders

Some of the stakeholders in high school are mainly students and teachers. These are people who have invested in the general welfare and the success of the school (Kyriakides et al. 2015). The administrators, parents, members of staff, members of the community and leaders of the local businesses as well as elected officials in the school board members. These individuals have an interest in the achievement of the school and school system. The stakeholders define the operations of the school and the roles of every member.


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