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Protection and preservation of Native cultural resources are essential to the vitality of traditional Native religions, customs, languages, and status as sovereign nations. For instance, American Indian and Alaska Native peoples have a substantial interest in protecting, accessing, and controlling their cultural resources. These resources may include not only land and objects but also traditions, languages, and symbols and even places. This particular essay will focus on the efforts taken to protect and preserve a sacred or culturally significant place and explaining the concept of words and breaking the meaning of such word.

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Efforts to Protect and Preserve a Sacred or Culturally Significant Place

Various attempts have been placed forward in trying to preserve the culture and sacred places that are of great importance to a people, for instance, the Choctaw tribe and its sacred and culture has been preserved currently to prevent it from getting extinct due to tribe is Choctaw and I have a relatively close identity with the identity was based on unique heritage encompassed on various historical sites, languages and cultural effectively protect the culture, an organization was formulated known as the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Historic Preservation Department with primary objective of preserving the culture. The organization has recently, flexed its muscles in protecting the tribe for example, it has initiated physical protection of specific Choctaw historical sites and places; repatriating and even reburying the Choctaw ancestors and specific sacred objects that may have been accidentally or intentionally removed; carrying out various research and survey on Choctaw cultural life and again organizing different classes and show exhibition on the history of Choctaw to the tribe members and the public. Additionally, various tribal archeological programs; cultural outreach and presentation, cement restoration program and cultural GIS program have been initiated to help in the preservation of the Choctaw tribe.

Moreover, the Tribal Councils helps to implement an economic development approach and to plan Tribal resources to attain self-sufficiency. The Tribal Council is enhancing the Nation's economy and emphasizing on the building of additional job opportunities via promotion. Nevertheless, planning and implementing Choctaw programs and strengthening a strong economic foundation, the Choctaw Nation uses its natural, and human resources to enhance self-sufficiency and reliance.

The Case of NAGPRA Application to the Tribe

NAGPRA is an advisory board that has significantly assisted in the protection of the tribe by initiating the reburial and repatriation of the ancestors remain and has placed them on museum and collection. The Choctaw Nation Historic Preservation Department lead by the NAGPRA has successfully helped to rebury the ancestors of Choctaw respectfully. The NAGPRA has continuously been offering advice to assist in the course of preservation.

The Choctaw Expression "Okeh" and the Americanism "Okay."

The etymology of "Okay" regarding the Choctaw "Okeh" was placed in an English dictionary by the 20th century. The Choctaw grammar regarding the meant" it is so, and it remains that way" and frequently applied as an interjection, but when quietly spoken, it meant "thank you." Moreover, Oklahoma was provided with initials "OK" with coincided with the myriad of Choctaw. The expression as pronounced 'Okay" and showing an affirmation of a point or agreeing with a particular idea and it shows on the Choctaw literature for a longer period before the acronym and " O.K" shows up in English literature. Most of the linguists describe the literature of the word as a particle since it does not modify any specific verb, a noun in which it shows and affirm the point.

Moreover, Choctaw book of spelling comprises of a list of verb and words with English translation. For instance, the Particle: Oke" or "hoke" not found in the list with the "oke" translated in the early book and "tok" focuses on the past. The Choctaw applies the affirmative particle to regular ways of the expression "OK" as applied in English. It is noted that the wording in grammar is an essential aspect of Choctaw communication that was not frequent in the formal literature and application of interjections. Nevertheless, the historical evidence shows that Choctaw speakers relied on rhetorical questions to solicit for a response.


The traditions and culture are contemporary issues that significantly influence the society or even the state and sometimes influence the designing of laws that govern people. The historical sites have different importance and thus need to be preserved for the next generation to get to know their origin. Many states have focused on preservation techniques of social facts. For instance, the National Indian Law Library has indulged in the maintenance of essential information on sacred place fights, objects, and words that depicts the history of the people. The Choctaw Nation was criticized by most of its members when it announced that Oklahoma Governor would participate in the tribe's annual Labor Day Festival and unveiling a statue showing honor strong Native women.


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