Essay Sample on Rochester: From 18th Century Settlement to Center of Movements

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Rochester is the city that has flourished since the opening of the Erie Canal, the establishment of the city settlement started in the 18th century. It becomes a manufacturing city that attracted many Italian, Irish people, Germans as well as other immigrants, the Yankee are the one dominated the city who originally had an origin from New England. Later on, the city of Rochester was founded by the Yankees who made it the center of movements such as women right's movement as well as the abolitionism. The past history of the city made famously known for photography that dominates the American industry at the time with well-established headquarter Eastman Kodak. it became the fashionable city along with the Rustbelt cities for its aim in moving away from the hard manufacturing goods including the steel and chemicals components thus defied the commonly known trend for several decades following. The city was named after Rochester having been the settlers and dwellers and former residence of the area. The essay seeks to describe Rochester past, present, and its future.

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Rochester in the Past

Rochester was predominated by the politics revolving ethnocultural. Fight for power was between two rival groups comprising of the Yankee and the Episcopalian having the origin from Pennsylvania. However, the rivalry was dissolving upon arrival of the Irish Catholic who strongly support the Democrats thus the feud got over and the common front was developed (Peterson,2018). Soon as the establishment of the Erie Canal population and economy of the grew rapidly. By 1830 the population around the canal on the eastern Hudson River had reached surprisingly 9,200 thus city become boom town and coined the name "the vicious young lion of the west". Additionally, it was named "Flour City" because of rising sprawling flour mills located along the beautiful falls of the Genesee presently the area of Brown Race. Later in 1837, Rochester Asylum as established by the charitable society which founded Rochester City Hospital. Rochester marks the achievement of being the leading city in the production of the flour in the world in 1838.

The new business of flower was established In the Rochester being founded by William A. Reynolds in 1830 at the Sophia and Buffalo street presently south Plymouth Avenue. Westward expansion focused more on the farming since the popularity of the Rochester as the flour milling center had declined (Shannon,2018). More companies establish seed nurseries. Therefore, the nicknamed Rochester had to change from "Flour city" to become famously "Flower city". The 20th century saw Rochester growing to be thriving and comfortable city. in the period of world war two, the city has seen enjoying skill labor become vital in the provision of industrial labor whereas the fields would produce and provide food to the troops. The 60th and 70th reflect on the new face of Rochester as the leading jazz town. Famous jazz musician came to the street to play music at night as they move from club to another club. Xerox tower in 1969 become part of urban renewal. Frontier Field the baseball stadium built in the 1990s to support sporting activities.

The Present-Day Rochester

The city of Rochester population in 2000 census mark 219,773 which was a decline of 33% from its peaks in late 1950. Ferry terminal established provided housing to the "Spirit of Ontario". The project that was the product of William A. Johnson, was short-lived as the new administration led by Robert Duffy was seen to cut off the ferry funds. The ferry Spirit of Ontario was later sold at loss financial to the company in Germany known as Forde reedier Seetouristik. Paetec park the new stadium majorly funded by both public and private sources was opened in 2006 which is currently serves as the home for the Rhino professional soccer team. The sponsor had another thing in the mind and change the name to Capelli Sports stadium before finally becoming Marina Auto Stadium. The city population continues declining further reaching the low of 206,000, though the second half-decade it gradually to reach 210, 565 according to 2010 census.

More renewal for the city urbanization was promising as the PATEC company had given a statement on building PAETEC Tower in the area of midtown plaza which probably an estimated to be taller than Xerox tower. But, the determine company was auctioned and sold therefore the plan aimed in creating a skyscraper were put aside and more modest and modern PaeTec's successor firm was able to be completed in the year 2013.

Rochester's has undergone shift and changes of political leaders starting from William A Johnson Jr., then Robert Duffy. Mayor Duffy has earned recognition as well as critics in the manner of mayoral control especially in re-organization of the city in comparison to the New York and Chicago. The issues trailing Duffy experience a stall when he gets into office of Lieutenant Governor in 2010. (McNamara,2018) The successor Thomas Richards assumed the office in 2011 after special election hence he gave out a statement on the issue stating the issue established had been put on the back burner. The more political shift took place in 2013 with the election of Lovely Warren who becomes the first female elected mayor to the city of Rochester. Under Warren leadership, project design to fill the inner loops and be able to fully converts the ideas to complete action especially in the building of performing art center on the designated parcel of the previous Midtown Plaza is underway.

The Future of Rochester

The projection of the Rochester population in 2020 is estimated to reach 215,000 as the city population growth is distinct as the average growth per year is estimated to be about 0.25% per year. Despite the stanching bleeding of the city, the effort is done to ensure that the city attains its sustainability for the residence. The action includes building overheads for keeping people warm especially in winter. The future is promising with the equipped and well-managed transits center. The threat to Rochester city would lie on climate change. More focus should be put on foundation encompassing creating desirable housing market.

Considering the constantly changing world which is not reflected by the past in indication of future prospects. (Norris,2018) Therefore, acknowledging that the city is likely to face dramatic climate change, it is essential to hold on the housing market, prospect for jobs, the city's public health. The solid foundation that will stand and defies the odds in the growth and development of Rochester city, is ensuring sustainability considering the flat and gradual population growth.


In conclusion, in my opinion, creating a tech city is likely to boom the development, however, the drawdown to the downtown would result to resources placed out of the reach for low- and middle-income individuals as well as the small retailer. Therefore, careful development and planning will probably guarantee that the city of Rochester will benefit and serve the current and future generation.


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