Essay Sample on Revisiting Education: Innovations for Improved Learning in the 21st Century

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Date:  2023-04-08


One of the most prominent fields of society that should be improved frequently in these changing times is education. Reforms in the school curriculum, as well as ways used to teach, need to be revisited each year. These reforms aid in adequately equipping learners for universities, colleges, and the job market. The government attempts to ensure that there is innovation and enough funding within the education sector. These actions are to improve the levels of learning in the state. Robert Pianta, in his article titled, "The one education reform that would help? Giving public schools more money," talks of how the attempts to reform education have proven to be nearly futile, as the government does not concentrate on the chief cause of all the problems in the education system. The government works in other ways, which have proven not to be highly effective.

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Robert (2019) goes on to explain that insufficient funds are the main problem that public schools face and if at all there is to be any reformation in the education system, then the government has to give sufficient money to these educational institutions, money that will help better the standards of both teaching and learning. According to the author, insufficient funds have given rise to many problems such as low payment salaries for teachers leading them to look for second jobs. The article clearly outlines the effects or rather the outcome of lack of investment in public schools on both the students and the teachers.

Most of the population tend to incline to the insinuation that students do exceptionally inadequately funded institutions and that public institutions should give a level playing ground for all students. The arguments and self opinions on which types of schools offer the best form of education has led people to forget the vital importance of public schools more so to families who cannot afford otherwise.

Almost half of the funds intended for public schools in America, however, is obtained through local taxes, bringing up critical differences in funds between wealthy and the middle, and low-class communities (Robert, 2019). Actions to reduce these differences have caused resistance and controversy.

According to Robert's (2019) study, the majority of the people associated public schools with underperformance. Most of these schools were thought to underperform by default and that there was no hope for them to show any form of improvement.

Funds that are allocated to public schools in the United States of America comes from local, federal, and state sources, but because almost half of these financial assets come from local asset taxes, the system comes up with significant funding disparities between rich and poor communities. Such variations are existent among provinces, among school districts within each region, and even among institutions within specific locations.

Robert's (2019) findings tells us that excessive spending on education causes better outcomes in students. When countries keep funding their public institutions and in the process, make more level school financial systems, the standards of the passing of students rise, and the desired outcomes are higher in students with little income.

Robert's article relates to Cordeiro and Cunningham (2012) writer up that students are sure to have a comfortable learning environment, which is a result of an investment. Cordeiro and Cunningham believe that these students will have the capability and skills to fit in the modern job market since they would be well equipped and experienced enough to take on various issues in their desired fields.

Teachers, on the other hand, would divert all their attention to doing their job, teaching, without having to look for other jobs to cater to their needs. Sufficient salaries paid on time to teachers will ensure that they give the best to all the students in public schools (Robert, 2019). Countries, provinces, and institutions must spend allocated money with the utmost care, ensuring the usage of their financial assets toward interventions based on pieces of evidence such as high-quality early programs and classes for children. Overall, actions to inhibit in any way reduce investment in education or services that work for children are shortsighted and should not be condoned.

This idea is the principal notion of this written report. The authors agree in such a way that the actions to solve inequalities through legislative practices such as in courts require entailing more than just funding (Robert, 2019; Cordeiro & Cunningham, 2012).

Robert's article concludes that money is vital, especially for those low-class students in need. The government should ensure there is adequate allocation of the same or increased amounts of funds for programs that are required to support needy children. The significant reduction in federal programs has a tremendous impact and severe consequences on the plans and overall opportunities that the country can give to needy children.

Besides, improvements and reforms must consist of the equal distribution of resources that are essential and vital to quality education. Real equality in education will need two fundamental changes. First, there is a need for additional resources to ensure that the needs of all the students are catered. Second, there should be procedures for accountability to make sure that the chief components to the success of students such as access to childhood classes and programs, teachers who are up to the task, and an effective curriculum are made accessible to all students despite their positions or status in the economy and racial differences.


Cordeiro, P. A., & Cunningham, W. G. (2012). Educational leadership: A bridge to improved practice. Pearson Higher Ed.

Robert, P. (2019). The one education reform that would really help? Giving public schools more money. [online] The Washington Post. Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2020].

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