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The purpose of the KFC company is to be internationally distinguished as a fast food industry, increasing and upholding the excellence of fast food in the world (Omer, 2018). The company has some guiding aims and objectives to help it achieve this vital mission. All departments of the company work corporately to complete the set goals. The leading goal of KFC is to "serve quality food to its clients that will put a smile on their faces and ignite in them a craving to come back for more" (Wu, & Cheng, 2018, p. 155). Another goal the organization has is to expand its empire to all countries in the world. The third goal the company strives to achieve always is customer satisfaction. The fourth goal is to provide healthier food options to the clientele. KFC also has the purpose of trying to be ahead of all the food chains in the fast food industry. On profits, the company aims at improving its revenue yearly to expand the business. The business endeavors to generate proceeds to the franchisees and all the stakeholders.

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Products and Services the Organization Offers

The signature product of the KFC company is the chicken dish. Regardless of the geographical region the recipe is prepared, the quality remains the same. Besides the traditional chicken recipe, there are boxed meal and sandwiches and toasted lines of production. In total, the company has 11 product lines. They are chicken, bucket meals, sandwiches, and toasted lines, krushers, dessert and breakfast, salads, boxed meals, fixins, and bowl snacks (Omer, 2018). The toasting and sandwich line has all dishes comprising of chicken and additions of other fillings. Examples are pizza twisters, chicken burger, chicken filler, and Cali Maki twister. The bucket meals of KFC include Green beans, Cole slaw, mashed potato, biscuits, Mac and Cheese, whole kernel corn, wedge and corn on the cob. The side innovations from the mainstream of chicken are unique to the countries of operation. They complement the KFC chicken serving.

Main Customers of the Organization

When the company started its operations, it was aiming to reach all the people in the public who love taking chicken meat. From experience, the modal age of the frequent customer is shown by statistics to be between 16 and 40 years. The primary customers of KFC's products are the young people-students and young couples, of the middle class. A lot of people can afford the prices KFC charges on its products. Many young people find it fun to have chicken dishes in the company's outlets worldwide. There is, however, no sharp, clear cut-line of who is and who is not a customer to KFC. As long as someone loves chicken, they will be served honorably at any of the outlets.

External Factors and their Impact on Business Activities

Economic Factors

KFC is a multinational operating in different countries. In these countries, economic policies of taxation, inflation, and labor costs are not constant. For example, the cost of labor in Africa is cheap, but the purchasing power is weak as compared to the US and Europe. The company has no control over the amount of taxation a country will decide to impose on the investors within its borders. "High inflation, heavy taxations, life-threatening policies, a high cost of labor impede the expansion of a company; the reverse is true" (Harrison, 2011, p 202).


The market is a limited resource, and all producers are on the run to win customers to buy their products and services. KFC is not the sole producer of chicken and fast foods in the food and hospitality industry. McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Domino's Pizza are some of the direct competitors of KFC. Competition is sustainable for a business is useful. It makes a company strive to come up with more innovative ways of attracting customers or rebranding its products. The customers receive quality products due to the competition in place. In China, KFC faces a real threat from McDonald's chains. When competition is too severe, a business may have to close down. On the other hand, it will explore new markets available, e.g., the Mexican market, for KFC.


Suppliers form part of the external business environment because the organization is not directly responsible for managing them. The suppliers need to be reliable all through to avoid any chances of creating shortages to the consumers. KFC has had challenges in this area. In February 2018, 562 outlets were forced to close down in the UK due to delivery problems from the suppliers' side. DHL company was responsible for the technical hitch, which saw the company lose 2% of its store sales for that period (Omer, 2018). Inconveniences and unreliability from consumers can cost a company dearly.

Legal Factors

Businesses have to operate within the rule of law of their countries. KFC is bound to the regulations established by bodies concerning hygiene, minimum wage given to workers, the kind of materials to use for packaging, and many others. Failure to adhere to the strict rules attracts penalties and fines which can be very costly.

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure is defined as the way a firm's activities are shared, organized and structured. KFC adopts the functional structure of the organization which is the most common and effective way of operating (Fairfield, 2016). Employees of the firm have been categorized into groups according to the role they perform in the company. The relevant departments under this functional structure are HRM, marketing, finance, operations, and quality control. Individual workers and teams in these department report to line managers who in turn report to departmental directors. Corporate directors are accountable to the CEO. From all the departments, the functions can be summarized as planning, leading, organizing, controlling and assurance of quality.

Marketing Department

The marketing department advertises KFC products to the public. Under the guidance of the marketing director, it utilizes the 4-P's methodology (Place, Price, Product, and Promotion) to win its customers (Omer, 2018). The branch is responsible for monitoring competition from producers of similar products and developing ways to counter it.

Operations Department

Operations department is the most prominent and most involving section of all because it directly handles customers. The roles of the sector range from cooking, to daily procurement of chicken, cleaning the food preparation and serving points, managing restaurants, and receiving grievances from dissatisfied customers (Omer, 2018). In addition to these roles, the department also trains new crew and forecasts the demand for food in the KFC outlets.

Finance Department

The finance sector has the duty of defining the financial repercussions of the strategies the KFC company rolls out. Working hand in hand with other departmental directors and junior managers, the CFO advice on the sufficient cause the business should take. The department prepares all the financial reports, detailing all the operations monthly, quarterly, and annually too (Omer, 2018).

Quality Control Department

To retain its customers, KFC has standardized its quality of products. There is the consistency of color, weight, taste, and finesse of service delivery. The quality control mechanisms are rolled out by the quality director so that the products always stand out from the rest (Omer, 2018).

HRM Department

The HRM sector avails to the KFC competent employees. It handles job application and interviews, training personnel, and rewarding the performing workers (Omer, 2018). The department is responsible for advising new managers in the operations of the company.

The Role of the Organization's Functions in Optimizing Performance

The five departments give birth to these functions: planning, leading, organizing, controlling and assurance of quality. They all work as a jig-saw fit. The HRM department is at the heart and forefront of organizing personnel and orienting them to the objectives of the KFC company. The operations department then plans on business strategies to implement using market demand forecasting. All the decisions the company makes should be sound financially. At the customer end, the quality control teams work on the product of other departments by putting to check what consumers receive. KFC departments operate like a chain-reaction, from the first step of staff recruitment, preparing meals, and serving them to clients.

Organization's Culture

The culture of a firm consists of attitudes, values and beliefs employees embrace at the workplace daily. Schaltegger & Wagner suggest that culture forms the foundation of how a business will perform, how the staff is satisfied, and the direction employer-employee relations take (2017). KFC aims to place a smile on all its external customers (clients) and the internal ones (employees). The company recognizes and rewards workers for both small and significant achievements. On the employee uniforms, there are singular pins of recognition for accomplishments achieved. All people are encouraged to participate in the production process to their level best. Regularly, HR collects opinions on what the company should implement. Besides the fun and positive energy, KFC advocates for teamwork, respect for customers, cheerfulness in employees and a customer-based approach in the delivery of services.

Job Satisfaction

KFC has managed to a great extent satisfy its employees by rewarding them and allowing them to participate in the decision-making process. Job satisfaction raises the levels of employee retention. With high retention, it means that HR will not spend a lot of time recruiting new personnel every now and again. Corporations with a strong rating of satisfying their workers are marked with high profits due to the commitment of the workforce.

Sharing of KFC's Objectives

The values workers adopt in their daily lives like respect for customers help the corporation achieve its goals and meet its objectives. It is essential for companies to achieve the goals they set since they dictate the path of success and profit making. The aim of KFC-making customers smile is simple to realize when in the everyday day, an employee practices cheerfulness and job competence. All operations are marked with productivity, which is the primary target and dream for all companies.

CIPD Professional Areas

Resourcing and Talent Planning

The success of any company in achieving its ambitions starts with the recruitment and selection process of its employees. HR will make an effort to obtain the best talent. In liaison with all managers, the HR will engage the senior leadership in identifying talent activities for showcasing exceptional skills. The next step is designing the policies for recruitment to reflect the utmost fairness. Selection must only be on qualification and ability-not sexual, racial or age favoritism. In the plans, justice will involve choosing people taking to account diversity too. The HR then will train interviewers on making informed and rational choices of candidates during interviews. After obtaining new personnel, the department of HR will arrange for their induction to the organization's culture and business environment (CIPD, 2017).

Employee Engagement

The main intention of this area of employee engagement is to produce job satisfaction. Once employees get satisfied with their jobs in the company, they will be committed and loyal to the organizational objectives. The HR team will use data analysis and thorough research to determine the significant ways of engaging the employees (CIPD, 2017). Employee feedback metrics include cust...

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