Effective Program Management: DHA's Strategy for Organization

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Date:  2023-03-13


Program management is an essential part of any organization. In developing program management, the organization depends on a strategy that is specific to every organization. As stated by DHA, the programs are designed based on the directions of DHA Strategy Department. In most cases, the programs are handled at a higher management level, and in this case the Director General is usually the sponsor while the program manager becomes a department director. Besides, DHA stated that programs are usually aligned with strategy. From the interview with DFF, it was clear that they build immersive experiences that make it possible to imagine the future. According to RTA, program management is a collective responsibility and is usually based on RTA strategy. This involves contacting all the stakeholders who provide their views about the most appropriate organizational strategy.

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Information obtained from Ajman Digital Transformation Programme (DTP) showed that they align their program with the strategy as a way of offering the roadmap. It might become hard to manage programs, especially where there lacks cross-functional communication. According to information obtained from DEWA, all its programs are designed to minimize the environmental impact. As such, it has focused on programs that support green chargers. Companies have social responsibility of ensuring that the environment is kept clean. In this regard, organizations such as DEWA have their strategies aligned to reduce the environmental impacts of their products. Program management is a continuous process. As stated by ADNOC, the organization has a system to manage programs known as the VAP.

Program Formulation Approach

Every organization has a specific approach to formulating programs. According to DHA, their approach involves decomposing the strategy to objectives and then decomposing the objectives to programs. DHA follows approach A, where strategy is decomposed into objectives and then to programs. The other approach involves formulating programs from projects and needs then developing a strategy. DFF utilizes a combination of the two approaches with the dominating one being where the objectives are decomposed from strategy and then to objectives and finally programs. The approach used by DTP is the decomposition of strategy into objectives and then decomposing the objectives into programs. In terms of program formulation approach, ADNOC insists that companies need to realize that the approach used is always subject to change.


In conclusion, program management is a necessity for every organization. The program management and organizational strategy help the organization to define its direction and future prospects. The management levels usually handle the organizational strategy, which is the shared with the other stakeholders. Organizations, too, rely so much on the program formulation approach. Different organizations have different ways of formulating program approach. As evidenced by the data from the interviews, a majority of the organizations depend on the strategy where the formulated strategy is decomposed into objectives, and then the objectives decomposed into programs. Most organization prefer this approach since is direct and does not have unclear twists.


Based on the above analysis, several recommendations can be made. One of the recommendations is that organizations that make products that affect the environment embrace an approach that supports the care for the environment. Besides, it is recommended that organizations develop strategies that support other areas of the organization such as program management. The reason for this is that these aspects are interrelated, and the failure of one results in the failure of the other one.

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