Essay Sample on Organizational Culture in Apple

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Date:  2022-11-30


Apple's mission statement outlines the company's products and services such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and iPod. The mission is a critical element in developing a favorable marketing mix for Apple products. On the other hand, Samsung's mission outlines human resources and technological innovation as the vital factors of influence in building the company's success. HP's mission statement captures the organization 's corporate and shared values such as market leadership, consumer loyalty, global citizenship, among others (Chawla, 2018).

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Significant factors that because overshadowing include different consumer preference which directly affect brand profitability and loyalty. Based on these findings, organizations can learn the need to create more specific business strategies. The approach should match the evolving needs of the company.

The main difference between a business vision and mission statement is that an image focuses on the future while the mission states the current state of the company. Business vision gives direction to shape future outcomes. The concept should maximize the resource and market potential of the business to help develop its image. On the other hand, the mission defines the reason for its existence, including the products and services offered (Rasul, 2018).

Although Apple's vision statement exhibits the characteristics of an ideal corporate vision, it should include more components of the business. Apple has succeeded to build a strong brand image through the support of employees, customers, and other relevant stakeholders. Including these business components in the vision will help build a sense of belonging in Apple's culture and raise the motivation to support overall business objectives.

In the current globalized economy, companies depend on several business elements to build on their competitive advantage. One of these elements is the vision statement which defines the desired future outcomes of an enterprise and helps to construct a roadmap towards the objective. Although Hewlett-Packard (HP) company has succeeded to create an ideal vision, the multinational needs to work on some elements of the statement (HP Inc., n.d). The vision lacks to mention the range of products that the company offers to the market. Including organizational outputs in the vision as in the case of Apple helps to build realistic consumer expectations. Such enlisting is also a reliable form of product promotion since it offers details on product availability in the market and its usage.

Still, the vision does not expound on the market challenges that HP faces in positioning its products in the market. Based on the vision statement, HP's principal objective is to provide technological innovation for every organization and every individual. However, the vision does not offer any connection between the technology that HP intends to offer and how this aspect satisfies the needs of customers (Chawla, 2018). HP manufactures laptops, desktops, printers and other forms of advancements which cater the computing and communication for firms and individuals. Due to these reasons, the vision fails to offer guidance on the daily allocation of time and financial resources in the company. Including such business elements in the vision gives direction to the areas of priority in the overall production process. This approach is essential to promote the supply of products to match market demand and to minimize delays in necessary manufacturing procedures (Rasul, 2018).

Organizational culture comprises of shared beliefs and values which set a foundation for business strategy and structure. Good corporate culture and structure should promote the flexibility of a business strategy, especially in evolving electronics markets. Cultural alignment with strategy implementation also encourages efficient use of business resources in supporting the business agenda.


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