Essay Example on BSN Sports: Corporate Strategies for Distribution & Marketing of Sports Equipment

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BSN Sports Corporation mainly deals with the distribution of sports equipment and gears in the United States of America. The company boasts an extensive supply network, which is an achievement due to its strategies in product and distribution. The company now distributes and markets its products to various institutions through direct sales to these institutions, online shopping, and catalogs. In its operations, it is significant that the company evaluates how its operations affect various fractions in the society where they are located and even the outside market formed by international markets. This paper seeks to establish the social, ethical, and legal implications of the company's operations and its product distribution process.

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Social Implications

The BSN continues to expand its services both locally and internationally, making a significant impact on the lives of a young athlete who looks up to the organization for the support. They recently announced their partnership with National Pro Fastpitch, which is the leading professional softball league for women. The move is set to advance the company's interest in investments in the growth and success of female athletics, particularly the women's softball league. The organization will serve as the primary uniform and apparel provider for the women league, which is made up of about six teams. The teams are allowed to run their parallel store where their fans will be getting their customized branded uniforms and other accessories. The social implication of that move is the provision of employment to many people who will be employed at the stores and thus earn an income from the same.

The company's choice to invest and support women is also a significant milestone in the war on gender equality. There have been calls for gender equality and that women should also be empowered just like men are empowered (Urminsky, 2001). Therefore, BSN's decision to sponsor women's league goes a long way to make sure these women are not sidelined again when it comes to athletics and related fields. Apart from supporting the current generation, the move also sets the playground for the future generation who are looking at the current crop of women athletes for inspiration.

Apart from the domestic influence the company has had in the United States of America, it has also been impactful in other international countries through the same investments in forgotten sectors of athletics. The company acquired certain assets from Riddel Kollege Town, which included sales management and representatives, professionals with experience in the customer service, and people from the graphics creation department. The organization has a social responsibility to make certain benefits not only people from the locality but also people from their international market as well. The innovative minds in the organization and the services offered should be directly profitable to people who depend and use it for their sporting solutions.

Ethical Implications

Ethics is an integral part of any organization that needs to achieve its mandate and goals. Ethics is a set of conduct that determines what is acceptable in the organization or the company. The set of moral conduct dictates the rules around the company at all times and requires that the employees of the company adhere to them. Adhering to the rules prevents the rise of cases due to breach of contracts or involvement in criminal activities. Ethics demands that the company carries out its operations with utmost honesty and follow all the due process in acquiring their assets and providing services. It also dictates their interactions with customers and the clients that they are sponsoring at any particular time.

For their domestic market, the clients they interact within the United States, the sports group owe it to their clients to always provide them with the right information before getting into a contract with them. That involves ensuring that all the practices that go on in the organization are for the good of the customers and the clients (Stohl, 2001). The same should be observed in international markets, especially that different countries define their codes of ethics differently. The company should strive to ensure that no complaints of ethics-related cases arise as they can kill the reputation of the country quickly, which may lead to the collapse of the company. Therefore, it is imperative that the company formulate a code of ethics and compliance programs to monitor employees and their actions.

Legal Implications

The establishment of a company needs one to be aware of the legal implications involved in the signing of contracts with coaches and athletes. Athletes signing sponsorship contracts have to be explained to about the contents of the contracts and what are the binding terms of the same. It is the company's work to make sure they provide solutions even with challenges such as the coronavirus. The BSN sports team, for instance, provided means through which their clients, most coaches, and athletes, will communicate and know what is happening in the organization. That helps everyone to be informed about the practices and how to go about them. It is the company's legal duty to check on the branding, too, as it is crucial as far as marketing is concerned. The company should make sure they have various authentic brands that define them and the services they offer. That includes the domestic and international markets.

The company can use a website to track and monitor the marketing process for their goods. Every advert that is put on the public domain to attract customers should be recorded and the estimated number of people that the advert is intended to reach. The records are then relayed to the headquarters of the company for overall record keeping and deliberations on where to improve.

Executive Summary

For years, the company has been using the contracting pricing strategy to market its products in the United States. It could first develop pricing contracts with partners and allow customers to pay slightly lower for goods. The company should move from that to a value-based pricing approach. The approach will enable the company to maximize profits. They also need to change the distribution strategy from the one they were using partnering with related firms to distribute their items and adopt a method that will optimize the process.

They also need to improve on their product productions and the cycle involved. They should be able to measure market activities and use the media for product promotion, among others. They should take into consideration all the elements of the right product and promotion list. They include public relations strategy, among others. The company should be able to employ a good marketing strategy to get more profits. They also need to understand the market well by continuously investigating consumer needs, environmental scanning for concerns, among many things. That way, the organization is bound to succeed and improve its earnings.


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Urminsky, M. (2001). Self-regulation in the workplace: Codes of conduct, social labelling and socially responsible investment. ILO, Geneva.

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