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Microsoft is one of the organisations with a healthy organisational culture, hence presenting its management and leadership effectiveness (Owie, 2017). Management and leadership continue to benefit the organisation not only to the company's officers but also to its members but also to the general community. Leadership and management theories continue to evolve over the last decade. Since Gates possess some of the most significant positive truants, including innovativeness, such qualities alone do not make him a successful leader at Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates is to possess some of the best-known leadership overtones, which makes him list the leading paradigms that the researchers have even put forward (Andersen, 2018). The theoretical area in the report will be based on the various leadership and management theories. The researchers argue that his leadership skills cannot be completely studied since they need to be traced since childhood and adulthood. The purpose of the report is to discuss the broader development of leadership and management theory at Microsoft, how the leadership and management theories are used in the organisation. It is as well important to analyse how the various theories are applied within the organisation.

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Broader Development of Leadership and Management Theory

The development of leadership and management theories is one of the most significant components in Microsoft because of its healthy organisational culture. Since Microsoft is one of the largest companies globally, its organisational culture cannot function without the theories and various concepts, including leadership and management. The leadership and management ideas are interchanged; hence the organisational culture depends on the effectiveness of implementing such concepts (Andersen, 2018). For Microsoft to develop and maintain a healthy organisational culture, it would be important for it to adhere to the theories concerning the expectations of the behaviors of top to bottom members within the organisation. Hence, the leadership and management theories play a significant role in the development and sustainability of its healthy organisational culture.

Effectiveness in the evaluation and application of leadership and management theory within a larger organisation makes Bill Gate's Microsoft Corporation a good example. The continuous advent of Microsoft is critical in Windows Software in the information technology industry. That is critical in the general organisational culture. The organisation was initially referred to as a company because of its leadership and management theory efficiency (Guhr et al., 2019). That made the organisation increase its influence within the information technology industry, resulting in its dominance in the I.T. business.

Microsoft Corporation believes in positive leadership (Woolard, 2018). That is evident through how it uses various managerial terms, including growth, mindset, and empathy, which are used presented through the actions of various leaders within the organisation. Positive leadership is a significant factor that affects the thriving of the workplace culture. That takes place mainly because the employees within the organisation always feel much inspired as well as motivated by purpose (Gulua, 2018). Because of the organisation's positive leadership, the employees usually feel much ready to work with others as a means of achieving a common goal.

Both the leadership and management theories are perceived as two different ideas, although many people perceive them to be similar. Leadership is part of the various attributes that a successful manager in Microsoft Corporation shows. The most significant role of the management team in Microsoft Corporation is capitalizing on the organisation's productivity through its managerial application and directing the personnel. Therefore, leadership is one of the most significant factors that direct how the manager within the organisation should function. The managers in the organisation tend to have some formal powers that promise the managerial effectiveness in their role. That results in the most significant part of the organisational culture (Woolard, 2018). That is mainly because combining such components results in the achievement of the company's vision and mission.

Contrary, leadership is not always required in Microsoft Corporation. There are some cases when a leader is never required within the organisation since Microsoft Corporation is a self-motivated company. That is one reason why having a leader in the organisation may turn detrimental instead of an asset to the company. That results in a perception of the leadership theory being used within the organisation to be domineering. Since there is a notion that a leader is not necessarily required in the organisation, the leadership role is as an added advantage but not as a component of the management.

Microsoft Corporation's management team is as a group with more experience and who have as well managed to gain a better reputation through their hard work. The management team has a better understanding of how things work in the organisation because of their adverse knowledge about all organisational layers that include the organisation's technical aspect. The leaders apply the leadership theory within the organisation to offer guidance to the rest of the personnel because their fresh concepts were recognized by the company (Guhr et al., 2019). Nevertheless, that does not mean that all the Microsoft Corporation leaders have more experience; neither does it mean that they have more knowledge about the growth of the organisational culture.

Since Microsoft Corporation is as a healthy organisational tradition, the management team is usually associated with various characteristics. Some of such characteristics include the authoritarian. That is the form of work that mainly focuses on having things done within the organisation. Comfortable background in the management team's life is important while making things done in Microsoft Corporation. Still, some of the most significant leadership traits, including the charismatic manner they use while inspiring the employees to follow the rules and guidelines, are important in determining the effectiveness of achieving the objectives (Owie, 2017). The leaders promote an attitude of taking risks, which is the most significant culture expected from the designated leaders.

For the effectiveness of the leadership roles in Microsoft Corporation, the leaders have a clear vision and develop inspiration to the other employees within the organisation, which is usually done by helping them develop their innovative ideas and increase their contributions as team members. The leaders make sure that all the employees understand their vision whenever coming up with new technology. The leaders not only explain to the employees what the vision consists of, but they also bring all the employees on board and work with them as one team, which increases their capability to show commitment towards the achievement of the vision. As the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates has a vision and has to employ people who could help him achieve his vision. That means that the leaders within the organisation use autocratic leadership theory.

A significant factor that results in the effectiveness of the leadership at Microsoft is because of their vision and passion, which is a key source of inspiration to the other employees. That is mainly through their innovative ideas as well as the contribution as team members. Bill Gates had a vision while coming up with the company, and he was also an innovator. The company's development resulted in inconvenience to the customers, and that was only done by ensuring that the employees have a better understanding of his vision (Guhr et al., 2019).

The kind of management that Microsoft adopted ensured that the employees have a clear understanding of the various market dynamics existing, which contributed to their transformational nature. As the leader in the company, Bill Gates promotes some form of integration of both the individual and the organisational interests. The executives within the organisation play a critical role in the development o a cohesive work environment (Guhr et al., 2019). The organisation can be defined as the one that applies the open systems that contribute towards its adjustments towards the environmental changes. The management theory that is applied in the organisation includes the human needs and behaviors as well as management science.

Leadership Skills

While considering Bill Gates's leadership acumen, it is evident that several leadership styles and theories have resulted in the success of his Microsoft. Gates is as an observer of how things turn out, and he has managed to use that skill into dealing with the various situations that may come at hand. Some of the positive traits, including friendliness, have played a significant role in his leadership acumen. However, having only those traits does not make him a successful leader. However, a combination of a variety of skills makes him successful.

The trait theory is critical in the organisation since it provides Bill Gates with the opportunity of leading other employees towards the success of the organisation's objectives. Such leadership skills can even be traced from Bill Gates's childhood to his adulthood. These skills are uses in measuring an individual's intellectual capability. Such skills are understood to be ranging from the individual's personality to his skills (Gulua, 2018). Bill Gates` intentions of helping people all over the globe can be used in describing his trait skills since it shows how much he can lead others. There is a long list of these leadership skills that Bill Gates presents while managing Microsoft Corporation.

Leadership is the skill that Bill Gates possesses, acting as a stimulus towards the achievement of the organisation's objectives. During the initial establishment of Microsoft, Bill Gates had the obligation of regarding the item technique that was supposed to be used within the organisation. Entryways were one of the senior-most leaders in the organisation. His leadership skills contributed a lot to the long-haul interests of the organisation. Gates` leadership skills played a significant role in his progress in developing more opportunities toward generosity. He proceeded with trusting other people because of their leadership skills, who included Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie.

One of Gates` leadership skills that have played a significant role in his success in Microsoft is developing and learning. He can proudly say that he knows almost everything for him to run such a successful organisation. However, that is always not the case since he is well known for looking for more knowledge for the board from others. One of the people that he has continued to learn from is Warren Buffet. The buffet was once claimed to possess some splendid methods that can be applied to assist in taking a gander to the entire world (Guhr et al., 2019). Due to the development and learning skills, Gates attempted to absorb various skills that help in improving him towards the achievement of his goals.

Another leadership skill that Bill Gates possesses has a vision. That is a point-blank that he possesses to much vision, which is the factors that triggered him towards the formation of a graphical interface, which eventually turned to become Microsoft programming. He can be recalled stating that he needed more than simply a solitary item in his progress of advancing Microsoft Corporation (Jablonowski, 2017). The leadership skill of having a vision helpe...

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