Essay Sample on My First University Experience

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Date:  2023-03-26


My first experience at the university is such a day and an important event in the calendar of my life. This is the institution of higher learning that everybody yearns for. Before joining the university, I had a glimpse of university life from the elder brother and sister who had already gone to university. They described the university as such a place full of freedom, a minimal threat from tutors and little pressure to attend classes, freedom to make friends both from both genders, and enough financial support from the government through student loan kitty. Furthermore, the university is a place that one can choose freely to leave with a lover and stay comfortably without any restrictions. Because of all these good things mentioned about university life, it builds a lot of curiosity in me that I long for that special day I would start my university life. The long-awaited day finally came in, and I join the university with a lot of hopes and inspiration. I was admitted to the university, but the enthusiasm and expectation I had all turn out against my will.

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Events Before Joining University

The image created about university life was such a lifestyle that every student strives to experience one day in their lifetime. I was also among those who waited with bated breath for a day I would experience the university life. My high school class teacher and my siblings used to share with me the appealing stories of university life. I could remember very vividly one of the stories shared by my former class teacher Mr. Rashid Batel concerning freedom and social life in the university. He shared with us how he used to hang out with friends, attending bashes characterized by drinking and dancing with no restrictions. He further shared with us how he could make love with different ladies and all sorts of outings they could take over weekends. The same attractive stories were catalyzed by experiences shared by my siblings, who had already gone to the university. They, too, shared with me how they enjoy university life which includes and not limited to personal discretion to attend classes, limited pressure from teachers, uncontrolled dressing style and financial access to government student loans that help to meet the basic needs including clothes, food, and even for entertainments.

All these illusions about university life provoke me to work hard in my high school in order to gain entry to the university. I remember how I could crack the night reading hard, motivated by the good life finally after joining the university. My intention was to get the entry point to university so that I, too, experience a life full of freedom and probably also get a lover whom I would go out and hang together freely; what a life! The thought of it encouraged me to work harder in my secondary school education. Notably, my hard work finally bears fruits when I pass secondary school education and got admission to join Harvard University to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics. I was so blissful to join the university, and my joy double up joining one of the biggest universities in the United States of America. I had restless time waiting to join the university, which seemingly the day could not come.

Events After Joining the University

The long-awaited day finally comes. I was so happy to join the university and not only the university but one of the prime universities in the United States of America. I remember very clearly the enthusiasm that I had immediately reported in the university. The university comprising of tall storage building was well decorated and organized in such a manner that one could think it sprouted naturally. Moreover, the buildings were surrounded by flower beds, which were so beautiful and attractive. My feeling toward the university was so high that I felt actually I was in the right place that I have been longing for ever since. We were welcomed by the university leadership and oriented on all matters pertaining to the university. While undergoing orientation, we had delicious meals organized by the university, which was, in fact, a self-service. It was then followed by a first-years dance night characterized by heavy free drinks and dinner. Initially, everything went on well, and I felt like the early picture build about the university was coming true.

However, the thrilling of university life was cut short after one week, and life in the university become like hell. It all started with notorious roommates I was given who was an inveterate drunkard. He always comes to the room drunkard and begins insulting me. Moreover, he could vomit in the room, making the room very nasty and unconducive to stay. No sooner had the classes begins than another stress pile up. The lectures more so teaching Macroeconomic were rude and intimidating from graduating if one fails to attend his class. Additionally, a lot of research assignment was given by lectures making me spend most of the night and weekends doing research. The peak of my frustration was agitated by my culture that groomed us to dress in a certain manner. I formed laughing objects from every street in the university that I passed because of my dressing style. In fact, from then, I begin avoiding movements within the university and instead remained indoors in the room that was also not conducive because of alcohol vomits. The stressful life in university was further orchestrated when I fail the end term exams. I began asking myself many questions and feeling so remorseful for joining the university. I later decided to drop out of school because of frustration and stress.

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