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According to Goodman and Gorski, multiculturalism is the main part of the professional and theoretical discourses of psychology. They note that despite the limitation of multiculturism, there still exist some importances not limited to being a critical area when it comes to social justice in the community. In their article, cultural diversity has been one of the developments in the face of humanity that has led to significant changes in the view of psychological matters. Psychologists have been on the rise to integrate the different cultural diversity which has different understanding and theories that describe each of the cultures. They say that counseling and psychology have since been a challenge as psychologists try to achieve justice because of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has been met with great limitations because psychologists have been required to initiate the understanding of each cultural view and administer justice in that particular line of thought.

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Moreover, adjusting to the different cultural dynamics has been a considerable challenge in providing social justice; this is due to the lack of a structured paradigm that will set the required theoretical understanding of each cultural dimension. Without a fixed formal model on multicultural view on counseling and psychology, the decolonization of multicultural counseling and psychology will not be a going concern anymore, but rather the tune will turn to be colonization of counseling and psychology.

How Selected Course Content Connects to Assigned Chapter

From the course content, cultural psychology is a framework that integrates the values, norms and human understanding to their emotions; it is coordination that is set to ensure social justice and a greater understanding of the diverse multicultural dimensions that are evident in society. In most cases, counseling and psychology try to connect the biological emotions and the basic emotions for the creation of order and just environment. Multicultural diversity has its effect on the system of emotions because of the historical understanding of which records how cultures were corrupted due to colonization. Lacks of a fundamental and original understanding of the cultural diversities through a set movement has always been a setback and in turn influence cultures in different aspects of the human emotions.

History dates multiculturalism way back during colonization where racism was an influencing factor in determining the culture be followed. Many of the cultures were then forced to adopt their colonizer's way of life. It explains the construction of emotional experience from different backgrounds and cultural diversities. The diversities in emotional experiences make it hard for counseling and psychology to be a means of administering justice and equality. Most cultures were corrupt right from the beginning, and therefore without a deeper understanding of the original cultural ways and beliefs, psychologists would have a hard time to understand them.

Colonization being the scramble for power, multicultural dynamics and cross-cultural education was administered as a form of power sharing and control over their subjects. The colonization approach thus provides the basic inequity in delivering justice to the affiliated because the principles behind the cross-culture dynamics were corrupt at the beginning. From the assigned chapter, cultural diversities offers a significant link in providing justice to psychological and counseling matters because of the diverse aspects of cultures and from which psychology has to be viewed.

Also, language socialism is a building block to the perpetration of cultural understanding and beliefs. Different cultures have their language that facilitates their general reaction to situations and thus creates the basis for their cultures - language influences socialism which creates the space for a cultural setting through a public understanding. Different societies have their languages and form of socialism; it is through integration and cultural socialism that other cultures get to absorb the other cultural ways. Socialism and language thus require the formulation of a system that will help define the diversity of the cultures.

Socialism is mostly expressed through languages where people try to get each other's form of speech. It is through language and socialism that communities can interact and get to share their collective views on matters that surround them. Asians can easily understand the diversities in language and culture through socialization. It is, therefore, necessary that when trying to conceptualize multicultural psychology and counseling, socialism and language should be seen as a system that was instituted to provide a basis to understanding the varied cultural aspects of different societies. Socialism, therefore, helps in the achievement of social justice. Colonial ideology paints a different picture in the performance of social justice because it views cultures in separate diversities and thus significantly requires that its common components be understood deeply. The knowledge of multicultural social psychology has since grown roots and is sold on texts where people are interested in understanding the dynamics of cross-cultural concept to the languages and socialism about the possible movements that define and outline them.

Critical Thinking of Selected Course Content

Human understanding is one of the most diverse concepts in the world; everyone seeks knowledge about seeing things as they conceptualize them. It is the basis of cultural psychology where experts learn to understand the nature of human belief and understanding of things to act according to their line of thought. Human intervention and perception vary from one aspect to another; this translates to the different cultural dynamics in society. Beliefs and ways of doing things are altered according to the groups' conception of the ideology of the matter and thus their general understanding and faith.

Different cultures subscribe to certain norms and ways of doing things because of the understanding and the faith they have to the issue. Cultural psychology requires thus an in-depth knowledge of the originality of such beliefs to generate means to which administer social justice in their daily counseling. These concepts are derived from human nature of understanding and how they take in ideologies to becoming their standard way of life (Heine, 2015).

Attention, sensation, and perception are the building blocks to cultural understanding because they are the basis to the human desire to perceive things and understand perceptions of any nature into being a cultural norm. Since cultural psychology emphasizes on looking at the diversities of human cultures and the ideologies and the concepts that lead to them, they have to also view their studies and actions as per the three pillars of human understanding. Such an approach will enable them to come up with the best view of social justice; they reflect the nature of human knowledge and conceptualization of ideas at all time.

Cultural thinking is the notion to which people define and perceive their beliefs. These codes of ideas of the society are pegged to some the variance of human aspect such as conciseness, and intelligence which influences the human understanding of different issues. Cultural psychology has to implement such attributes of human knowledge for the deeper conceptualization of social aspect as far as their cultures are concerned. A multicultural dynamic has employed varied cultural view on specific issues and thus requires that psychologist be able to adapt faster to the nature of the society they are in at the moment.

Such an approach to first understanding the human setting and behavior to things around them dramatically helps in the cultural psychology because to understand psychological issues; one must be able to interpret the minds as fast as possible. Brain understanding serves as the fundamental principle strategy for delivering psychological justice to society. Multicultural nature of the society entails different cultural norms and beliefs which are all created in mind. It, therefore, requires any cultural psychology examination in any community to have a great understanding of the people's minds because that's the birth of intelligence. Emotions have been linked to cultural psychology because it is through emotions that different cultural formulate their own beliefs and ways of doing things. The human brain has always been the center of all ideologies in a man's history, and it is the only key to the understanding of cultural psychology in a better view.

Overall Thought and Reflection of Understanding the Course Content

Cultural diversities have always appeared to be the top factor in the understanding of cultural psychology. Different means of operation and ways of doing things have impacted cultural psychology because of the diversities that. They are the issue that defines the diversities of human nature and also explains the means to their originality and greater understanding of the same. Decolonization of multicultural cultural psychology has been growing need to remove the aspect of colonization in cultural psychology to provide social injustice, but all has been in vain. Lack of fixed paradigm has made it easier to go back to the sociopolitical aspect of colonization which has been viewed to be a significant threat to achieving social justice in respect to cultural sociology. The human brain and intelligence are the main point of focus for a better understanding of the human mind and cultural psychology in general.


Heine, S. J. (2015). Cultural psychology: Third International Student Edition. WW Norton & company.

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