Essay Sample on Moral Implications on Ecological Roots

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Date:  2022-10-24


At this period when the world is very concerned about the continuing degradation of the environment, nations, and cultures need to have a consensus about the significance of morals regarding nature. Various philosophers have tried to create ethics of the situation, but they are unable to stand against the moral conviction of people. Ecology is the study of the distribution of living organism and their relationship with the environment. Everything in the atmosphere is related to another thing either directly or indirectly. Therefore, there is a need for universal morals towards the situation because our actions affect us. Evolutionary ecology gives evidence of how related all organisms on earth are related. Ecosystems are tightly integrated, and therefore, the effects of human can cause a substantial ecological breakdown which will eventually affect them. Consequently, philosophers assert that if someone proposes to manipulate the environment to extract some benefit, a benefit-cost analysis ought to be done. Ecology emerged from evolutionary biology and therefore tells tell of our position in the evolutionary process.

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Moral Categories of Niebuhr, King, Gilligan, Borgmann, Aristotle or Kant to Chapter

Kant's deontological ethics principle suggests that morality is based on the capacity of a human being to reason, to act and accomplish duties. The moral value of particular course action is dependent on its significant results. An effect can only be termed good if it produces the highest benefit. Therefore on the matter of ecology, any action by man to the environment ought to be assessed to ensure it provides the highest good. Aristotle accepts the fact that man is at the top of the ecological hierarchy and therefore has dominion over plants and animals. The authority has to be guided by rational thinking and being conscious of their actions on the environment.

Niebuhr asserted that every citizen has a responsibility to look for one another. That underscores the need to ensure the actions that cause environmental degradation are mitigated so that future generation may not be affected by our current operations.

Evaluate Ecological Roots Regarding Its Application to Cultural Morals and Values

Morals influence the behavior and thinking of people. Adolescents regulate their way of thinking by integrating aspects of other religion, morals, and values in the way they perceive the world. Morals and The world ought to have the same perception to the environment, and everyone needs to have a sense of responsibility to the ecosystem. Cultural ecology approach makes people cooperate and be able to adapt to the environment. Culture provides an overview that does not necessarily depend on finance. Therefore inculcating a culture that ensures the environment is protected is essential in ensuring that the environment preserved. Various initiatives are being implemented around the world for environmental protection purposes. Big companies such as Toyota and Honda are now producing hybrid cars that use electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Ecological roots enable human beings to understand their position in the ecosystem. Hence, they can act in the best interest of the environment. Philosophers such as Aristotle and Kant asserted that human beings ought to assess their actions before they execute them. Even though human beings dominate the world, their effects on the environment can affect them adversely. Culture and moral of a person play a critical role in how the situation is treated.

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