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The application response is going to reflect on what I have learned in this chapter. After covering this chapter, there are a lot of things have learned that I did not initially know. I enjoyed reading this chapter, and I will share everything I learned. The application response is going to focus on some areas of the chapter as seen below:

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Discuss the stereotype that people with mental disorders are more dangerous than the average person. Is that true? What have you learned that would be the best answer to the question of "Are people with mental disorders dangerous?"

There is the stereotype of viewing people with mental health issues as more dangerous than the average individuals. The stereotype is wrong because mental health people are not the most dangerous person because many crimes in our society are caused by people that are not diagnosed with mental illness (Rueve and Random 35). Hence, the mental disorder affects an individual to a certain degree and some are dangerous while others are not.

Talk about disorders/treatments that you learned about in these chapters that changed your pre-conceived notions of those disorders/treatments.

Psychotherapy is one treatment that I learned in the chapter that is used by psychologists to validate the procedures that is beneficial for the mentally ill people. Such a strategy can encourage healthy development in which the patient can experience good habits (Dulaney, 65). However, the text also mentioned that there are several approaches employed by psychotherapy and includes interpersonal, cognitive and others depending on the patient response. The method used is the one that speeds up individual reaction towards healing.

What did you continue to think about after our class lectures and discussions outside of class?

I think people who refuse to get help when they go through a circumstance like a divorce, facing loneliness, overwhelmed by life decisions, angry for a long time or anxious, depressed among others. Those are conditions that require support because they drain an individual a lot emotionally. To experience such horrible incidences, one needs help and only feel that mentally ill people are the only victims. Also, people should stop acting and behaving like they are strong emotionally and they can handle their issues. Such people are lying to themselves. Indeed, it a plus reading the chapter to realize that psychotherapy is also for none mentally ills people who face challenges in their lives (Rueve and Random, 40). Hence, psychotherapy is meant for all people regardless of their mental state.

Discuss the 4 D's of abnormality and how we might deem thoughts, feelings, or behaviors "clinically abnormal."

The 4 D's comprises of distress, dysfunction, danger, and deviance. An individual is thought to behave abnormally if his or her current behaviors, feeling, or thoughts are not similar to the past. However, the 4 Ds served as essential that practitioners can use when dealing with reported conditions, symptoms or the traits of an individual (Dulaney 61). The practitioners use them to point out the difference and determine if an individual is behaving normally or abnormal. An individual behaving unusual has different traits to those practiced earlier.

Why is it that Mr. Schulte (and many other counseling and clinical psychologists) would argue we should not say words like "Crazy," "Nuts," "Looney" and phrases like "The Looney Bin," "The Nut House," etc.?

A mentally ill person has a name which should be used while referring to them. Such individuals are only suffering from illness, and the situation does not give anyone the right to discriminate or become stereotype concluding that every mentally ill people are dangerous (Rueve and Random, 41). Example someone finding it challenging to cope with life situations or go fired will also need help as well. Therefore it is wise to seek therapy earlier before the case gets worst.

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