The Product Review of Canella Cinnamon Cordial Paper Example

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Date:  2023-01-16


The product on review is Canella Cinnamon Cordial. Canella Cinnamon Cordial is found on the class of beverages since it is a drink made for a specific group of customers. Cannella is a name based on a family that was the founder of the drink. It is also an Italian word for cinnamon. It is used as an after-dinner to ease digestion.

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It is made up of 6% sugar volume and four types of cinnamon. It is also available in brandy and neutral spices and spirits. Hot cinnamon can also be used to warm up bones during cold weather. It has an aroma that is enticing and has a unique taste to its users; thus, it offers enough satisfaction to its customers. Consumers use it during holidays as a drink.

Cannella cinnamon cordial is produced in batches as per customer's request. This is to ensure no excess supply or low supply in the market. When produced in small quantities, it is easy for distribution and transportation. Again, it allows all the customers regardless of their income, to manage the purchase of the drink.

It has a global footprint as it is found in parts of the world. It is produced in many countries as it is becoming a famous drink in the world. Today, the drink is found in many retail centers in the world where they can sell to a large number of users enabling them to sell maximumly increasing their revenue.

Supply Chain Review

Cannella beer and wine manufacturing company supplies various liquor products which exist in varied categories, namely beers, wines, spirits, non-alcoholic, and glassware.

This organization should have a global supplier of its liquor products for secure supply to the larger global beer market. This strategy is likely to increase productivity and bottom line.

The transportation of Cannella's liquor products could have various logistic concerns, especially during the distribution of the products. For instance, the cost of shipping these commodities could be expensive as it needs fuel and shipping equipment obtained through leasing or purchasing. This could become vulnerable in cases of accidents before the products get to the market. The organizational products also could spoil as a result of being kept under unfavorable conditions during the process of shipping.

As a result, the organization needs to create high-quality storage facilities within the shipping facilities to preserve product damage. At the same time, the organization should engage professional distribution channels and affiliates to meet the laid down time.

Cannella Beer Company could use Cannella Cinnamon Cordial to establish a strategic supplier relationship because this product is the best in creating a competitive differentiation of the organization in the more competitive global market.


Every beer and beverages manufacturing companies acquire licensees to mix and make their products following their strict and secret criteria with the key steps as follows.

First, the factory would engage in water clarification process in order to remove impurities. Inform of organic matter, bacteria filtering, sterilizing, dechlorinating of the water

  • Mixing the ingredients
  • Carbonating the beverage
  • Filling and Packaging

In the manufacturing process, the firm undergoes major logistics channels that ensure proper coordination among the departments. This channel must be effectively implemented to enable the distribution process to run smoothly. The machines operate the manufacturing process of the products. The process uses an automated approach that ensures that a maximum number of drinks are produced.


Canella Cinnamon Cordial targets high-end customers with good income. This is a class of people who can identify themselves with a given class and have much money to spend on classy drinks such as the Cinnamon wine. Typical consumers of the Canella Cinnamon Cordial do not have a direct link of purchasing the drink directly from the firm. Instead, they can buy from retail shops after they have been distributed to the shops and restaurants.

The purchase of the product can be made both in bulk and also in single units. This logistics has been adopted by the manufacturer to enable the retailer's breakbulk hence selling to everyone who may need the drink. Hence, the business will be able to able to sell more products to the users via the distributors.

The distribution of the products from the industry to the consumers are undertaken through outsourcing. Again, it is a process known clearly to all the customers hence helping them to access the Canella Cinnamon Cordial drinks anywhere at any time.

The four flows

The four flows of supply chain management involve the flow of information, materials, money, and SMB context. The flow of information revolves around requesting for, purchase orders, quotations, and monthly returns. Material flow involves the movements of the raw materials, to the production point, and later the transfer of the finished goods from the production to the end point where the customers will be able to buy them. Money flow involves the transfer of cash from the customers to the business and also from the business to suppliers. Lastly, the business uses the SMB context to exchange information such as those regarding the inventories. Moreover, this process also entails the analysis of the company records such as the excel sheets having the business details like the inventory.

Major supply chain risk that can affect the Canella Cinnamon Cordial is the environmental risks. Due to changes in the environment, the corresponding changes in weather will also affect the demand for the product. For instance, during cold seasons, a minimum number of clients will buy the drink. The risks affecting the product are not easily avoided since it is the provision of nature. The firm can do very little about this condition since it has no control over it.


Supply chain management has chances for improvement. The business can use modern technology to enable it to improve the distribution and delivery of the products. The firm should consider improving on its steps to make the delivery processes more efficient. Again, the business should also take part in the distribution products to the outlets where the retailers can easily find them.


From the above findings, the distribution processes of the Canella Cinnamon Cordial do not run smoothly. At some points, there is an ineffective distribution of the products. It lacks enough workforce to assist in the distribution and the delivery of the drinks. However, the firm should consider using modern means of distributing the products to the customers. Hence, the business can sell a maximum number of products to the people.


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