Essay Sample on Math: A Challenging yet Rewarding Journey

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Date:  2023-01-16


Math is an important technical skill that every human needs at least on the basic level. There are professions that heavily rely on mathematical concepts to solve problems and to formulate equations. Learning math, however, is not an easy task and requires a lot of practice and dedication. One has to put in a lot of hours and study time to gain the most out of this learning journey. As one progresses and learns new concepts n mathematics, previous knowledge and attitude are important factors that form a strong foundation on which knowledge and skill can be developed. These two, and how they have influenced my learning process are discussed in this paper.

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Previous knowledge may help in speeding up the process of learning new concepts. Basic forms of the concepts taught in the course had appeared earlier mathematics courses, and even in high school, and therefore were a bit familiar. For example, we had tackled basic forms of functions and how they can be represented in a cartesian plane. I also had some prior knowledge on simple calculus involving differentiation of ordinary differential equations to find gradients and simple integration to find areas of curves. These provided a good backbone on which I could grow my knowledge on calculus and learn to apply it in my day to day activities. The assignments that the lecturer gave proved to be quite testing but with proper research and revision of the notes that had been provided, I was able to tackle the problems with less difficulty. The textbooks available in MML were especially helpful in providing numerous examples of solved problems and approaches to solve them.

A positive attitude promotes the willingness to learn, and thus considerably impacts the learning process of an individual. When approaching this course, having knowledge on, and being able to solve algebraic and trigonometric equations is very important as these are the basic concepts with which calculus, a major component in the course, relies on (Pyzdrowski et al, 2013). I do not expect it, however, to ease the way into learning, but to facilitate and improve the efficiency of the grasping of concepts. Keenness in class and being relentless doing practice will play a major role in learning this course. Life is all about finding solutions to problems, as my lecturer seems to take it. He has been of great influence to me and by following his instructions, I have been able to learn a lot. Through this, I have developed a lot of interest in mathematics.


Having knowledge makes one feel very potent, and in some ways, powerful. Being able to solve problems in other fields of study such as engineering, economics, and physics shows the power of mathematics which should be, in any way possible, exploited. By studying this course, I'm following that path, the path of knowledge.


Pyzdrowski, L. J., Sun, Y., Curtis, R., Miller, D., Winn, G., & Hensel, R. A. (2013). Readiness and attitudes as indicators for success in college calculus. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 11(3),529-554.

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