Space Shuttle Program Essay

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Astronomy is the natural science that deals with the study of stellar or celestial bodies and facts that emanate outside the earth's airspace. People in the field of astronomy are referred to as astronomers whose work is to observe or notice bodies like the stars, galaxies, the moon, comets, and other planets. An astronaut is schooled by human spaceflight program to order and pilot a spacecraft, simply he is trained to travel to the outer space by use of a spacecraft. They have more responsibilities in the spacecraft such as engineering and leading of a given assignment (Kirk, J. A. (2019).

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Space Shuttle Program

The National Aeronautics and the Space Administration (NASA) carried out the fourth space shuttle project as a human spaceflight program. This program achieved drill portage of force and freight orbiting around the earth from the year 1981 to the year 2011. the space shuttle originated in the United States of America and was funded by NASA (Steinberg, A. (2011). NASA is an independent research body of the United States of America government that deals with non-combatant space programs aeronautics and airspace research.

The space shuttle project was formally known by the name, "Space Transportation System (STS)". The name originated from the 1969 system, of reusable spacecraft plan being the solitary reserved object for expansion. The space shuttle had an orbiter floating with double recyclable or renewable rock-hard rocket boosters together with a non-replaceable exterior fuel tank. The spacecraft could accommodate eight astronauts and about twenty-three thousand kilograms that consisted of play board into the Low Orbit Earth (LEO). After completing this mission the space shift who turn and return back to the earth exterior where it usually landed at the Edwards Air force Base or at the Kennedy Space Centre and there was a repetitive process. This spacecraft was the only one of its kind to manage to orbit around the other and get back to the earth's surface safely and land safely as well (Pielke Jr, R., & Byerly, R. (2011).

The main purpose of the space shuttle was to carry the astronauts and deliver space boards in various orbits as well as to return some satellites and space boards back to the surface of the earth. They also transported the crew from one orbit station to the next or to another and also to execute facility assignments (Baskaran, V. (2012). This space shuttle was built to only last fifteen years, after those years it could not perform such kind of services anymore.

The space shuttle program started at the end of the 1960s. This is when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began its studies that dwelt with the space shuttle blueprint. In that year a space task group was formed by the president, "Richard Nixon". It was chaired by the then vice president, "Spiro Agnew". The space task groups mission was mostly to explore and discover Mars, this was the main priority by they had smaller objectives that involved traveling with the space shifts along the orbits. The space-shift other role was to traverse or tour the space and to increase the human existence through the provision of condemnatory buttress for Congress and assignment in regards to the international space station covering the solar system (Petrescu, F. I. (2017).

How the space shuttle operated?

The space shuttle would float perpendicular or erect or upstanding like the way a conventional rocket does. The space shuttle had two solid rocket boosters and three engines which were fueled to the full capacity. The fuel energy was mainly liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen stored in the external tank. This energy helped the space shift to travel for long. The solid rocket boosters supplied shove or push and the first stage of the space shuttle which was to rise from the ground called the liftoff process. The solid rocket boosters provide most of the force used in uplifting the space shuttle as well as holding and carrying its entire weight. The space shuttle had three stages. The first was provided by the solid rocket boosters for thrust while the second stage was energy from the space shuttles main engines which are three and lastly while the third stage is where both the space shuttle solid rocket boosters and the three engines are working. After the space shuttle has left the ground or took off which is referred to as a lift-off, two main side rockets come off then a big orange tank comes off and by this time the space shift is far away in the space. The space shuttle travels upside down and backward (Sivolella, D. (2013).

How space shuttle program affected the aeronaut's industry?

Many research studies have proven that the space program makes paramount benefaction in the nourishing of the country's economy. The program help in solving basic economic difficulties or complications. The Research and Development (R and D) is the utmost or highest contributor of technology in the world. The growth of technology is the leading factor to higher efficiency and economic growth. The space team has deliberately progressed and administered highly operative mechanisms for distinguishing and conducting space technology to other sectors of the economy for successive nonspace supplication. Industries that deal with space research are the highest ranking in terms of technology in the word. They bring or provide thorough and fresh technologies to the world at large and this is due to the space shuttle program. The space research industry produces or fosters all the crucial technology boost the United States of America should have for revamped efficiency rates and amplified production.

The National Aeronauts and the Space Administration failed to achieve the desired and promise cost, the effectiveness of goals, blueprint, economic and safety issues. The cost to access the space continued to grow rapidly leading to trouble in facilitating the program. This program failed in its main priority goal which was to access the space and move along the orbit doing research about the universe due to space shift failures .this has affected the aeronautics industry in a very big way and the closure of the program was a very big blow because assessment to space by astronauts would no longer be possible. Only safelights can give information now. The research has gone slower than how it was expected to be (Flores-Abad, A., Ma, O., Pham, K., & Ulrich, S. (2014).

The space shuttle has affected the aeronautical industry in many ways, first, it enabled a human being to travel to space and orbit around the earth. This led to more astronauts traveling to space which led to better study and understanding of the earth, how it looks, how it moves and getting information about the celestial bodies and having a closer look. Enhancement of space technology leads to enhancement of earth technology because it has helped in solving some human problems like the creation of x-ray machines (Hodge, S. J., Forrest, J. S., Padfield, G. D., & Owen, I. (2012).

The space shuttle has benefited the aeronautics helped in getting a clear photograph of the earth which led to the creation of the map and also helped in better navigation processes for scientists and even better communication. Scientists were also able to protect the ultraviolet rays in affecting people by creating UV suits which couldn't be learned without visiting the space. They are still able to learn and educate people on ways not to affect the atmosphere which leads to the destruction of the Ozone layer which helps in conducting and monitoring the number of sunrays reaching the earth's surface.

The space shuttle also led to expertise in work as they were able to learn more about stuff that was just myths. It helps the aeronautic organization to be able to do more research with the grounds that were laid down from the shuttle. The space shuttle also led to the creation of the Boeing 777 through NASA continuous innovations that were mentored or copied from how the space shuttles were made (Petrescu, F. I. (2017).


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