Essay Sample on Marketing Strategy for Kraft Company

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Date:  2022-12-14


In the past five weeks, my two colleagues and I worked together on our group presentation about A1 steak source made by Kraft Company. The purpose of our presentation was to allow both us learners and instructors investigate the marketing strategy for Kraft Company and A1 steak source. One of the key things that our group did was to work together. Learning to work well with others is significant for any individual pursuing a business profession (Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown, & Armstrong, 2015). All group members promptly finished their selected tasks. We had extremely productive meetings that benefited each group member. We gathered information exceptionally well and conducted our research effectively. Our research made our presentation persuasive and informative. Thus, we were able to inform the audience about the marketing strategies that Kraft Company applies to market its A1 steak source. Our group did an excellent presentation, but we had challenges in transitions between speakers. There were some instances when two speakers said the same thing.

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When I saw the scholars list of our group at first, I was disturbed in mind since they were unfamiliar to me and I had a little background of our study. I was not confident about what to tell my colleagues about the subject. I did extensive research and discussed with my group members. Reading materials can not only help one understand terms but also exchange thoughts and expand one's knowledge (Baker and Saren, 2016). I read different papers and gathered enough content to discuss and share knowledge with other group members. My public speaking and presentation skills have improved dramatically over the past five weeks.

My colleagues and I were able to come up with an excellent presentation because of the collaboration we demonstrated. Each team member was very active in ensuring that we deliver a quality presentation. After the group members were allocated, we started thinking about our topic. We planned meetings and delegated the responsibilities among the team. During delegation of duties, we were careful enough to share them equally and strategically. Due to good collaboration, we were able to find a lot of facts to support our findings. We took advantage of each group member to work as a team. For instance, we assigned one of our group member who had done computer courses to prepare the PowerPoint slides.

I feel that my knowledge about the topic had been extended after reading various materials and engaging in discussions with my team members. For instance, in the past, I never understood why the company intended to drop the word steak from A1 in 2014 changing it to A.1 source. After the discussion, I was able to understand the reason behind the change. Kraft Company changed the name strategically to reflect modern dining habits (Sauter, 2009). During the preparation of the presentation, I realized the importance of teamwork. I found out that group work can effectively increase the effectiveness of a project. Moreover, I found out that when reviewing other scholars' work I should be critical not to accept all their views.

During the research for our group presentation, we came along various papers that related to our topic. However, it was difficult for us to select the appropriate papers that would give deep insights into our presentation. For instance, during the first week we read many papers that related to the marketing mix of A.1 steak sauce for Kraft Company; however, most of them just discussed the subject from a narrow perspective. Kraft Company uses various marketing strategies to promote their sales (The Kraft Heinz Company Press Room, 2019). I tried to find papers from renowned scholars and kept in mind that they should not deviate from the main topic-A.1 steak source. We submitted our thoughts on each paper and asked our teacher's opinion on the materials we had selected. The teacher provided us with invaluable help on the papers that we were supposed to use and guided us in picking up the class reading materials.

As the presentation was a group task instead of a personal project, it highlighted more on teamwork instead of singular work. We need to adjust when faced with different norms, thoughts, and opinions on a particular question. We communicated through emails and physically met in round table discussions during the presentation preparation time. We shared our understanding and views about the study and jointly developed our approaches to conducting the research and techniques to use during the presentation. I thank my colleagues so much for the invaluable assistance they accorded me during the entire presentation preparation time. I was able to learn a lot from them.

I feel privileged to work with my colleagues in developing a good presentation. My team members are great companies who always motivated and polished my creativity during group work. Since we had three people in our group, we both agreed that each was to exhaust the research area allocated submit the findings for review and discussions. This method was advantageous because it assisted us in identifying difficult areas and handling it collaboratively. I had prepared a lot for our presentation.

Additionally, I scanned the presentation before going for the presentation. However, sometimes I lacked an explanation for the content. In other instances, I repeated what others had said. Also, I realized that I was speaking very fast making it hard for the audience to grasp my content. In the future presentations, I should be more attentive to the cohesion between my speaking speed and the time allocated. Moreover, I will try to overcome my nervousness and become more interesting by using body language and interaction with my listeners.

My strengths and weaknesses were demonstrated in the presentation. During our research, we found out a lot of information about A1 steak sauce. I feel that I did my best to skim through the available information and picked out what was more insightful and persuasive about the topic. In our class, we constantly read how to maintain confidence before an audience. Sometimes I could forget and overthink thus pausing during my speech. Also, I did not talk confidently to my audience due to overthinking about forgotten points. As such, my speech sounded spasmodic in some instances. During the semester I did several presentations, and I felt confident every time I spoke before my class. I think if I continue practicing I would become a great public speaker.

I think our group drew various marketing strategies used by Kraft Company. I feel that by our class tasks and presentations we have assisted our classmates in understanding the terms and concepts of marketing used by Kraft Company to sell A1 steak sauce. As such, I feel that we are on our way to becoming excellent researchers. What I gained from this group presentation is not only teamwork but also research skills. Additionally, I learned to be a good teacher because when sharing our findings with the team we had to act the role of a teacher. I learned that the way one presents information is important than the information itself. I discovered that to be a good presenter one has to prepare thoroughly before each speech in front of the audience as many times as possible. The project was made up of many activities such as selecting reading materials, reading, analyzing the essential points, preparing the PowerPoint, and making the actual classroom presentations the tasks had various challenges but I found them beneficial to me. This presentation has helped me to be more organized, and I feel it is a milestone in my academic life.


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