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The job of a manager within the human resource department is one which is complex and may require a person to have particular skills for efficacy in offering control of systems and guidance to other workers to be realized. Based on the case study Mary is right to be open with the Vice President pertaining her lack of qualification about the job and not being convinced that she is the best candidate for the position. She must thus acquire training as offered by the Vice President so that she can fully fit the position. Even though the questions given in the case study are equally of utility, the paper will major on explaining the meaning of job rotation, coaching, and mentoring and how they help with the development. Other parts of the paper will answer the questions addressed in the case study except for those that may test instances of flashback.

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In human resource management, job rotation gets construed as a managerial approach that involves the shifting employees to two or more assignments or jobs at a regular interval of time with the objective of exposing them to the verticals of the organization (Leider et al. 2015). Job rotation, therefore, helps with development because it allows the employees to try different workstations of the organization and only settle on the areas where they are likely to offer the best performance (Chen et al. 2015).

On the part of mentoring, the specific concern is based on a senior or more experienced employee within the organization taking the role of an advisor or counselor and guiding the junior employees (Weese et al. 2015). It also contributes to development because it allows the junior employees to acquire useful skills from their senior colleagues and in the end contribute to the output of the organization (Cummings, 2015).

There is also job coaching which gives reference to the training which is given to an employee by an approved specialist who uses particular techniques that helps the employee learn how to perform a particular task (Hoven et al. 2016). Most of these skills will be seen in the case of Mary who is supposed to take the position of Thomas Waterfall as the manager of the production department (Gilson & Carter, 2016).

The Answer to Question 1 in the Case

For Mary to take over the managerial role of Tom, she will need to develop specific skills. The skills include those of good communication, proper team building, good organization, good leadership skills, the ability to deal with the changes which may emerge, and those of critical thinking (Wankel, 2016). The skills will help her execute the interpersonal, informational, and the decisional roles which may emerge in her course of duty. The answer is given, therefore, addresses the concern on job coaching. The skills will coach Mary to take up the task of Tom.

The Answer to Question 2

The primary training experiences which might benefit Mary are those who will be inclusive of Job Coaching, mentoring and rotation (Wankel, 2016). They will help to oversee the operations of the production department with ease.

The Answer to Question 3

It is my opinion that Tom should be invited to play a role in Mary's development because he was the one performing on the job and may give her prior information on how to manage possible challenges which may erupt.

The Answer to Question 5

The other essential training which can be offered to Mary are those of management education program which trains a person on the general managerial techniques within the organization; the advantage is based familiarizing a person with the general operation of the organization while the disadvantage is based on being too detailed and may confuse a person. There are also other management training programs like the outdoor wilderness training that offer knowledge on how to deal with different outdoor scenarios (Mospan et al. 2017). The primary advantage is on training a person on fieldwork. Its disadvantage is based on being costly because it may involve seminars and other experts. There is also the on-job development; these are skills acquired within the job. The advantage is that skills require no finances. They are acquired from fellow employees. The disadvantage is that chances of a wrong skill getting acquired are high. The best of them all is the management training programs because they will allow Mary to acquire all the skills she needs to become a manager.


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