Essay Sample on Linguistic Instrumentation

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Date:  2022-11-22


Linguistic instrumentation refers to the importance of gaining English skills so that one can effectively work either locally, regionally or globally. Therefore language instrumentation helps one in succeeding economically. Multilingualism develops due to various factors including the contacts that are made between speakers of different language when they interact. They have to find a way of passing information amongst themselves and this is how multi-linguicism is developed. Additionally, there is the desire by people to have an understanding of more than one language for this presents them with the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures.

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Due to this importance of the English language, the education policymakers have hugely been influenced by this power of the English language in the formulating of the educational policies all over the world. English has become an imperative language globally because it is spoken by more than 70% of the world population. The language has permeated all the spheres of life in all the continents. It is the language that is used in aviation, commerce, judiciary, education, and the United Nations General Assembly (Young, 2016). These facts make it necessary for one to be either bilingual or multilingual so that they can fit in employment and manage to exchange ideas and information with the others. In the cases of refugees, they may find that they are in a camp with people that do not speak their language and considering that human beings are social beings, they have to find a way that they can use to speak to each other. In the current globalized economy, one is likely to conduct business or get work across the boundaries hence the need for multilingualism or bilingualism (Erling & Seargeant, 2013). Being a bilingual or multilingual is likely to increase one's employment opportunities.

It is also likely to make the operations of business more accessible. Due to current international migration either for settlement, business or work people who speak different languages meet, hence the need for understanding more than one language. Several countries in Africa and Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Ghana have made English the official language of communication so that they can easily connect internationally with other countries (De Jong, 2011). I once observed the importance of being a bilingual more especially English. One day I was one to dinner with my parents one evening. In the restaurant, some visitors had come from China and were not able to express themselves well to the waiters. It was even tough for them to order for meals because they did not understand the names for different meals in English (Katznelson, & Bernstein, 2017). The observation thought me the importance of understanding more than one language more especially English because of its global reach.


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