Essay Sample on Hospital Management

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Date:  2022-04-07


Every health institution has professional staffs who analyze patients' conditions to arrive at a clear description and ways of treatment. Hospitals play an essential role in providing medical services to the public. Upon arrival in every hospital, I see building structures, hear the sounds of machines running, and smell the medication and disinfectant in the health institution.

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Upon taking a closer look around the institution, I see patients who need medical attention; some patients are too weak to walk and are in need of assistance to move from one place to another. The facility has availed wheelchairs that ease movement for the vulnerable patients. The institution has a well-manicured grass garden where patients can be seen taking a rest while basking in the sun. The sight of ailing patients cannot also be put into ignorance as they queue to wait for their turn to see the doctors. Medical practitioners are seen walking from one room to another dressed in their white outfits. There is the sight of building structures; these buildings have different divisions which include; laundry section, drug stores, and ambulances parked at emergency exits. In addition to constructions, the hospital has well-tarmacked roads that lead to designated departments.

As I take a stroll around the hospital rooms, I see the state of art equipment which is in the laboratories, intensive care unit, and the high dependency unit which enhances smooth running of the institution through proper record keeping and interdepartmental coordination. I also see marked signposts giving direction to patients to head to different departments of the hospital. The intensive care unit and high dependency units are not exciting places to visit due to the sight of critically ill patients who cannot walk or feed themselves and have to depend on machines for survival. In the wards, there are phones and emergency devices that can be used to alert the medical practitioners in case of any danger.

The hospital also has a particular smell of medicines and disinfectants all over. The odor is noticeable when approaching the hospital and it gets stronger as I move closer to the wards of the institution. In laboratories, I can smell mixed odor because of the chemicals used in performing different tests like blood and stool tests. Additionally, I can also detect the smell of blood because of accident victims who come in for emergency medical services. While approaching the hospital cafeteria, I can smell the sweet aroma of delicious meals that are for patients and other people in the hospital such as staff members.

Also, one can hear voices of ambulances, driving in and out of the hospital. In the administration wards, one can listen to the groaning sounds of patients who have different pains in their bodies. As I approach the pediatric section, I hear the cries of babies who are ailing and are here for different medical attention. The children are accompanied by their parents and guardians who are queuing waiting for their turn to be attended to by the pediatrician. In the emergency rooms and intensive care unit, I hear noises from running machines and the alternative generators which are always stand by to operate in case of any crisis resulting from a power failure.

Furthermore, one in a hospital can feel the surfaces of the floors and pathways as they take a walk around the facility. One can feel hospitals beds when in admission to the wards or the emergency rooms. A touch on the benches and chairs on which the patients sit on gives the impression that the facility has full furnish of quality top end furniture that offers comfort to the patients. The hospital has many devices that one can come into contact with like the weighing scales, tools for monitoring blood pressure, and syringes.


In conclusion, the hospital management should improve on ways of clearing emergency entry and exits to enhance fast access to the emergency rooms. Medical practitioners serving in the funeral home should advance the preservation of bodies too. One should be careful when approaching the medical facility to enhance the safety of every person in the institution. The hospital should have adequate and marked directions to different departments to enable patients to move with ease from one place to another. Noises from ambulances are hard to avoid when one is in the hospital because no one can control the occurrence of emergency situations.

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