How to Ensure HR Strategy Is in Alignment With Business Strategy Essay

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Marriott International is an American hospitality company with multinational franchises of hotels and lodging facilities. The company holds the core value of serving the world by putting their clients first, pursuing excellence, acceptance of change and acting with integrity (Marriott International, n.d.). These are the strengths through which the company has managed to list among the top in the hospitality industry. Marriott International has the vision of becoming the best in the hospitality industry at a global level. Consequently, the company uses a combination of strategies to achieve this such as customer focused sales, loyalty towards guests, broad distribution of its brand and multiple price points. However, a hospitality company cannot gain much from its strategies unless it can properly integrate its human resource in the pursuit of its goals. Subsequently, Marriott should seek to hire the best and qualified in the industry. Also, the training of human resource needs to focus on the development of customer-oriented behavior. This can contribute to a total alignment of the human resource towards the business strategies.

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Human Resource Job Positions and Responsibilities

Marriot HR department lists several positions and responsibilities. Among those listed the are the most important:

  • Director of Human Resource who is the overall leader of the HR department and oversees all its operations.
  • Director of Personnel Services assists the Director of Human Resource as second in command and helps in the execution of the strategies that serve to develop talent among workers.
  • Human Resource Coordinator is responsible for recruitment, administration, and training of employees in line with the business goals.
  • Human Resource Manager works with other associates in the running of the daily activities of the HR office.
  • Assistant Training Manager ensures all aspects of the training are in line with the company's mission and vision.
  • Human Resource Associates execute all HR office activities as per their managers requests.

Preferable Human Resource Job Position

From the jobs listed above, the one I would prefer most is the Human Resource Manager. The responsibility that comes with this position is the planning and coordination of the workforce by looking for the best employees and train them. This job is suitable for me since I have leadership skills that can help in directing staff and coordinating their daily activities. Equally, I am an eloquent speaker, a skill necessary for this job position. Lastly, being involved with people daily provides an opportunity to interact with them that enables one to grow through shared knowledge.

Strategies to Improve Competitive Advantage

Marriott International lists among the best in the hospitality industry. However, to beat its competitors and merge as the best, the company needs to maintain a strong employee base. The company works for the people through its human resource. Subsequently, a higher performance work system incorporated in the HR can improve its performance in regards to customers service, productivity, and quality. The initial step towards achieving this is rigorous recruitment where only the best is selected and trained. Next, as Armstrong (2008) assert, a company can ensure optimum performance of employees through a reward system. Marriott International should develop a proper reward system based on the performance of workers to motivate them to offer their best at work.

Ways to Increase Diversity

It is quite easy to introduce diversity in the hospitality industry because of several available opportunities. According to Stewart and Brown (2012), one of the opportunities that Marriott can take advantage of are universities and colleges where fresh talents and ideas are available. The other option is to expand its recruitment areas to a global scale to create a diverse working force from different cultures. Lastly, additional positions such as training officer can help retain older workers rather than having them retire. They can stay at the company at a different capacity and train young workers.


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