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The picturesque city of Glendale was incorporated on February 16, 1906. According to the United States Census 2017 Population estimate, the southern city harbors a current population of approximately 203, 054 people thus barely bustling (O'Hare, 2019). Located minutes away from the downtown Pasadena, Los Angles, Universal City, Hollywood and Burbank and surrounded by the by California's leading districts at the south. Moreover, Glendale is the fourth largest city amongst the cities in Los Angeles County. Glendale is situated approximately 13km or 8 mi north of downtown Los Angles. Therefore, Glendale city in California bears features and resources that a favorable city for commercial purpose, residential and recreational purposes as this paper discusses at length.

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Historical Background

As one of its attractive core feature, the city has a rich historical background that attracts numerous people across the United States and beyond hence touristy. History records that during incorporation in the year 1906; the ancient city consisted of only 1,486 acres only and by 1920 it has grown to nine annexations to over 7,000 acres, which later expanded to 15,140 acres translated as 23.6 square miles by 1950. In 1964, George Lincoln Rockwell selected Glendale to be the west coast headquarters of the American Nazi Party marking the start of sprawling of the city (Arroyo, 2005).

Geographical Information

The Glendale city lies in the southeastern boundaries of San Fernando Valley, a junction of two valleys San Gabriel and San Fernando. The Verdugo Mountains bisected the city and found in the outskirts of The Los Angles metropolis area. Currently, the city has a total area of 79.212 km2 (30.6 square miles) where 79 km2 or 30.5 square miles is the cities land and 0.34 km2, or 0.13 square mile is the area covered by water (O'Hare, 2019).


According to Koppen climate classification, Glendale city has, Mediterranean Climate accompanies by mild dump winters and hot summers. So far, the lowest ever recorded temperature in Glendale was 17 o F or -8 o C in February 2003 with the highest temperature ever recorded standing at 110 oF or 43 o C on several occasions. Additionally, January is the coldest month whereas August is the warmest month in Glendale. The average precipitation, which falls in November and April, is just over 21 inches. Rainfalls are highly variable with wettest months sometimes going up to over 30 inches of rain (Arroyo, 2005).


A mayor heads Glendale; it elects its county council members to a four -year term. The city holds its elections on a Tuesday after the first Monday in April of odd-numbered years. The election is done alongside elections of the members of Glendale Community College District Board of Trustees and Glendale Unified School District Board of Education. Los Angeles County Department of Health runs the Glendale Health Center in Glendale hence has county representation. Democrat Adam Schiff represents the city in the United House of Representatives in California's 28th congressional district (O'Hare, 2019). Significantly, safety in the city is top-notch as the city maintains its police department, which operates from downtown. Statistics show that in 2014, Glendale was the named the ninth safest city in the United States.

Culture and Demographics

Glendale has a racial make-up of 71.1% whites, 1.3% blacks, 16.4 % Asians, and 0.3 % Native Americans with a population density of 6,268.6 people per square miles. Studies show that approximately 14.2 % of its entire population living below the federal poverty line between 2009 and 2013, Glendale had a medium household income of about $53,020. Other ethnic communities in the region include the Mexican American Community with Filipino Americans being the third largest minority group (Veldhuis, 2010).

Industry and Development

Notably, Glendale city is proud to serve its residents and businesses with an excellent business environment, outstanding property, and amenities, reputation for safety, state-of-the-art healthcare. Glendale is one of the cities in southern California with leading office markets with a wide range of amenities and properties. The city harbors the Bob Hope Airport that serves several cities such as Los Angles, San Fernando Valley, and Pasadena. Glendale is networked with the four significant freeways including SR-2 Freeway, 1-5 Golden State Freeway, 210 Foothill Freeway, and St-134 Ventura Freeway. Together with its bus, services called the Beeline connecting customers to Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with 13 routes making transport cost inexpensive (Veldhuis, 2010).

Moreover, the contemporary city is located strategically 30 min from the Los Angles International Airport which a commercial leader and a world-class airport with modern facilities and superior land, sea and air connection. The lively city of Glendale is spacious and holds many offices; as a result, it houses famous and recognized firms such as Nestle USA, IHOP/Applebee, Walt Disney Imagineering, Public Storage, LegalZoom, and DreamWorks. Over some decades now, Burbank together Glendale has served as major production centers for the United States animation industry as well as entertainment industry (Arroyo, 2005). The above was necessitated by the fact that most of the Glendale based firms such as the Walt Disney Company outgrew its Burbank studios a while ago and began expanding the headquarters for Imagineering, after that divisions and offices.


In conclusion, from culture to history, infrastructure, and development, the city of Glendale is undoubtedly world-class metropolis. The city is strategically positioned alongside commercial, infrastructural, and reputable cities such as the cities of Los Angles and Burbank making it a favorable pace for residence, business, and recreation.


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