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Date:  2022-12-05


The name of my company is FreshfountBrand Company, and deals in production and delivery of washing detergents, Toilet cleaning spirits, high-quality antiseptics and bar soaps around the country. The company uses raw materials such as Caustic soda, sodium chloride, and another local salt to produce basic chemicals for daily usage around homes. I founded the company with the help of twelve friends who are now at senior managerial posts in the company which is now supplying detergents to over five hundred thousand customers all over the region. Founded five years ago there were a lot of challenges in terms of curbing the competition with the already established companies and at the same time the source of enough capital to purchase raw materials and stay afloat even during bad days in business ( Kiewit, 2018).

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With a great team working around the clock, the company was able to stand on the shoulders of self-driven leaders who implemented timely and well -thought policies (Roberts, 2018). FreshfountBrands Company has now hired sixty workers, whose major work is controlling the reaction chambers and regulate the volumes of chemicals during the soap making process. The majority of the workers are youth aged 18-25 years old, this is because we want to empower the youth to embrace entrepreneurship as an alternative solution to the fight against crime and drug abuse. This is a move that has borne us fruits in terms of marketing on social media and other offline platforms ( Alameda,2018). The company has a customer care desk which is available forty-eight hours. This enables the customers to air their complaints suggestions and compliments. The board appreciates the best workers in their fields and also sends thank you cards to its faithful customers.

The company has taken a social entrepreneurship approach (Heald, 2018). The company gives over ten percent of its profit to schools, homes, and hospitals as a donation annually. The donations are always in the form of soaps and books for schools. The company in conjunction with corporate institutions holds educative seminars to offer financial education and team bonding opportunities.

The social games are also considered as a social commitment as well as a marketing platform. The structure of the management is simple but very effective. The board is run by the CEO, who spearheads the implementation of policies and is a motivator and a leader of all the other stakeholders (Mackie,2018). There is a body of a committee which is chaired by a director. The main function of the committee is to research the market and risks the company exposes itself when diving into a market. This team has played a major role in the past successful sales. The team is looking forward to increasing the number of corporate clients in our area of delivery.


In conclusion, Freshfountbrand company is the fastest growing company run by youth who seeks to transform the chemical industry and empower the society in the other hand, by producing basic home chemicals and selling them at an affordable price. It has taken a social approach in its operations making it an empowerment tool as it offers youth jobs and equips them with necessary skills and education. Everybody should focus on trying our high-quality products and convenient delivery. Corporate clients are welcome to support our efforts to benefit the society as well as penetrate the market by becoming part of our esteemed customers.


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